Sagem Roland Garros

Sagem Roland Garros

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  • john smith

Can someone, pls tell me, if this phone is still available and where can I buy it????
Many Thanks!!!

  • Anonymous

Ashton, 10 Aug 2009it seems that there are so many people who doesn't understa... moreAgree, nokia has the ugliest ever designs....wonder how it for this phone, I don't know much about Sagem, but design-wise far superior than Nokia or any other..

  • Ryan

After 2 years of abuse, this phone still works great.

  • miq luna

Dennis, 15 May 2008Nice phone for using in my car, a: Peugeot 306 CC ROLAND GA... moreyour boss must be rich

  • Pif

Well before my new 5800XM i had sagem my 511 as my secondary phone and i can just say it sucks a.. cant even touch teh best srands S.E. samsung or all mighty Nokia


  • Sudeep

It phone looks extremely good . But it does not have the good features

  • Ashton

it seems that there are so many people who doesn't understand anything or never used SAGEM.

If a designer with a well known name agree to work on my511x it means it has style, other wise no designer would agree to work on it. maybe my taste is different, but as a designer my self i can say that it is well designed and stylish.

For those who say SAGEM is not good, try to buy and use SAGEM phone and you will see that Most beloved Nokia or Samsung or any other phone fails even with the most high end hardware and software to the simplicity, well thought designs and life proof SAGEM.Yea, the phone is not perfect, but there are no perfect phones!

Please, the ones who say oh what a bad phones or ugly save your time and don't spam, most of people who say SAGEM has bad quality never touched SAGEM technology, pure SAGEM is top quality.

I can tell Nokia phones are ones of the most ugly ones and has awful quality, if it slips from a hand, you are forced to go to the fixing services, if SAGEM slipped from a hand, it works as it was still new one. maybe I am lucky, but 10 times and still no issues, works as new.

  • Tony Ericsson

I love design for this pone, it looks like sexy. Go Roland Garros

  • Anonymous

what's for Sagem high-end for others is low-end
but still i think they could make good phones if they tried to work more on phones features rather than design

  • mr truth

plz sagem,you have to work on your is not appealing to the eye,i cant just think of buying this phone with my money for myself or for a friend,it is looks so aweful.

  • xxx

cool lol

  • Anonymous

This phone is ugly as hell. i wouldn't use it even if you gave it for free.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2008i don;t like this phone!why?

  • Tony Ericsson

me think phone this better worked than nokia. It haves great sounds for tone much gooder than 1,3mp of phones different. Me rate this phone like iphone

  • julio burnik

i suppose this will be a reliable phone for those person.. who just use a phone for basic use.. simple m phone being releases by manufacturers. ay geting more complicated... so much feature... new problems esp. to software..

  • Phonejacker

This is the phone George W Bush would recommend!

  • Sung Sam Hui

This Phone is realy ugly one. Dont know why this company is stil making so ugly phones! This SuX.
Nokia! Conecting people!

  • walker

your Name, 02 Oct 2008sagem has always been bad with phones..... so disappointing I say SAGEM have the most better manufacturing phones in the world, the phones dont failure that other brands. SAGEM is good worked, to resist water and shock. its the best in the world.

  • your Name

sagem has always been bad with phones..... so disappointing

  • Anonymous

i don;t like this phone!