Samsung A777

Samsung A777

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  • Larz51

someone, 20 Sep 2010what should I do, it was accidentally soaked in water? try letting it sit covered in a bowl of rice it usually draws all the water out

  • Larz51

Diya, 16 Aug 2012This phone have internet or not?Yes depending on your plan it does have the ability for internet access

  • Diya

This phone have internet or not?

  • sam

good lucking but is it nice for girls

  • someone

what should I do, it was accidentally soaked in water?

  • Anonymous

this phone is the best phone i ever had

  • someone

Should i get this phone?

  • Kelsi

i love this phone! BUT all of a sudden i can no longer send OR receive picture messages! does anyone know what happened or how i can fix this?

  • mwaslito

y does it no take a full song as a ringtone?

  • someguy...

My parents both have this phone. My mom has the red1 & my dad has the blue1, & they both say it is a cool looking phone. The speaker on it is somewhat clear, never really checked it out cuz just got them like a day ago but i like the feel of the buttons & the back of the phone. Feels cool. The camera takes blurry pictures but they dont mind. My dad wanted to traid me for my Pantech Matrix cuz of the 2way slide but he likes how the A777 is lite in his hands unlike my phone. The only weard thing about this phone is the placing of the send/back/end buttons because they are only shown & can only be used wile the phone slides up, but i guess thats ok. But in the end, i would say that this phone is a pretty good phone & looks like it will last long & wont break that easely. Good phone to buy I guess!

  • Linda Horner

I like the simplicity of this phone. No bells and whistles just a way to stay in touch.

  • Mona

Good Cell Phone

  • satish

please any body tell me how its sound quality in speakers

  • lol12456

it an A T & T set. dun blame samsung for a t & t fault.

  • Peter C

i am a loyal samsung user but...
What is samsungs problem? they are taking steps backwards with their designs //

  • benny

i think this phone its worth 15$ -1.23 mpix, no wi-fi
old style phone ... but i think its would be interesting this phone to come out on early 1996

  • Rowland

cool phone

  • Anonymous

nice phone