Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S22 Ultra screen flickering issue, fix coming soon

Yordan, 23 February 2022

Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 Ultra on February 9 and promised shipping will begin on February 25. Yet some users got their units early and some of those stumbled upon an unpleasant surprise - the screen started flickering in certain scenarios.

An official forum moderator replied to concerned users on Reddit acknowledging the issue. He also assured them a fix is coming soon.

The issue occurs when the resolution is set at WQHD, and Screen mode is set to Natural. Once these options are enabled, the flicker can happen while playing YouTube videos or unlocking the device.

Our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review unit is also flickering, suggesting this not an isolated accident.

The moderator confirmed Samsung had already developed a fix, and will seed it soon. Until then, you can avoid using the WQHD resolution in Natural color mode to save yourself some flickering.

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Reader comments

What's up with the warranty, If your phones lasts one year without a fault, it is most likely it will go on living longer. Can you name any other brand that gives the kind of software support like Apple gives? No. But just loves to talk bout som...

  • CH
  • 01 Mar 2022
  • kM0

I have the same problem but I have the S 22 ultra 512 Snapdragon

  • AnonD-1033007
  • 26 Feb 2022
  • g8K

I mean this is embarrassing and all that but like who doesn't have issues lately? Apple has with 13 series pinkish display, Samsung has it right now, Xiaomi has bunch of issues but a lots of people buys them so obviously you're gonna hear m...

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