Samsung announces Galaxy A42 5G - its cheapest 5G phone yet

Yordan, 02 September 2020

Samsung is expanding its 5G portfolio with a new phone called Galaxy A42 5G. In a somewhat strange announcement the company shared images of the phone, but only a few of its specs with a promise to deliver the rest later on.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

The Galaxy A42 5G is built around a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED, and while we didn't get the resolution of the panel, the A41 already has a 1080p screen so anything else would be a surprise. The under-screen fingerprint sensor will also be undoubtedly carried over along with the waterdrop notch for the selfie camera on top.

There are four more cameras at the back, which is one more than what the A31 offers, but we got no details on their purpose or the exact modules used. The tiny lens on the lower right one clearly hints that it's a depth senor though.

The final bit we can deduce comes from the name - the Galaxy A42 5G should be cheaper than the current most affordable Samsung phone with next gen network support - the Galaxy A51 5G. Of course it's too early to speculate on specific numbers.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

The full Galaxy A42 5G details will be revealed “closer to its launch later in the year”. The Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A41 arrived in March, but this time around Samsung is clearly breaking the 12-month cycle.


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  • Anonymous

The problem is that all phones got more compact, only the screens got bigger. Galaxy S10e, Pixel 4, G8 ThinQ, etc. are all the size of a HTC One M9. And that's a very compact phone. If you still want a smaller screen you have stuff like the ...

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G will come with Overclocked Version of Snapdragon 690 (Upcoming), not 690.

  • Anonymous

I think it will give snp 690

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