Samsung announces Gravity T, Gravity 3 and :) for T-Mobile USA

24 June, 2010

Samsung introduced three new QWERTY phones heading to T-Mobile USA - Gravity T, Gravity 3 and :) (Smiley). All of the handsets packs sliding-out full QWERTY keyboards and aim the low-end market.

Most of the specs are the same for all three phones - a 184MHz processor, 3G connectivity, A-GPS support only, Bluetooth and microSD card slot. Tight social networking integration is also on board thanks to T-Mobile Social Buzz - one app for access to all popular social networks.

Samsung Gravity T is the highest in rank among the trio - it has a QVGA resistive touchscreen, sliding-out QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel snapper and HSDPA support.

Samsung Gravity T

Samsung Gravity 3 packs sliding QWERTY keyboard, but also has the standard numeric keypad above the small non-touch screen. Gravity 3 also has 2 megapixel camera and HSDPA support.

Samsung Gravity 3

Samsung :) or Smiley is the cheapest one with portrait sliding QWERTY keypad, 1.3 megapixel snapper and simple 3G connectivity only.

Samsung :) Smiley

Samsung Gravity T, Gravity 3 and :) (Smiley) are already available through T-Mobile USA network.



Reader comments

  • Cg

Umm people? Everyone from the age of ten has a phone these days and lots of them like these looks better than black and grey. Stop assuming that everyone is just like you and that companies must pander to your every wish or their business plan is use...

  • Anonymous

Toy phone??

  • Anonymous

they all look like kids' toys. What were you thinking, Tmobile? this is not how you want to get new customers to sign up!