Samsung announces record-breaking Galaxy Note20 pre-orders in the UK

Ro, 28 August 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 duo is now on open sale and it's time for some numbers. The Korean tech giant's UK arm has summed up the pre-order campaign and the numbers look great.

Samsung announces record-breaking Galaxy Note20 pre-orders in the UK

Compared to the Galaxy Note10, the Note20 lineup sold 49% more units during the pre-order phase with the hero Mystic Bronze color accounting for about 46% of those.

However, Samsung doesn't say how these sales are distributed between the Note20 and the Note20 Ultra 5G. Numbers from China indicated that the more premium offering is outselling the vanilla model 10:1, although those were based on a very small sample.



Reader comments

You defend your lie by referring to the worst influencer on YouTube? The one who's been caught lying about Samsung products over and over? You Chinese trlls are pathetic these days. Don't you have something to Xerox? Isn't it t...

  • 86sloma

What is the weight of Note 20 Ultra 5G unit with vapor chamber, and how much does weight with graphite pads... I have european version of note 20 ultra 5g so i'd like to know if i have one or another type of internal cooling inside. I'm goi...

  • MrVong

Lol see? Caught in Shamsung marketing. That UTG Glass is covered in plastic. Watch JerryRig's durability test and teardown. I have tried a pink Z-Flip in a store in my country.

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