Samsung apparently has a huge stockpile of 50 million devices due to low demand

Vlad, 22 June 2022

According to a new report out of its home of Korea, Samsung has a stock problem. And it's that it has huge amounts of phones in stock - over 50 million, in fact. That staggering stockpile has added up into the stocks of its distributors. These are phones that are just sitting there waiting to be bought - but apparently not enough people want them.

The A series of mid-range devices allegedly takes up a huge portion of this stuck inventory, presumably because they aren't appealing enough to fly off the shelves.

Samsung apparently has a huge stockpile of 50 million devices due to low demand

Samsung is aiming to ship around 270 million smartphones this year, and 50 million is 18% of that. "Healthy" stock numbers would be at or below 10%, hence why the sources for this report claim there's a desirability problem for these stockpiled devices.

Samsung made around 20 million units per month early this year, but that dropped to around 10 million in May. This could be a reaction to having too many units stuck in inventory and seeing low demand. The lower demand has also made Samsung cut its component orders from suppliers by 30% to 70% from April to May.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Jun 2022
  • kwC

Oh that explains why I've been seeing so many good deals on the A series phones lately. Was tempted to buy an A53 for $200 recently but I didn't really need it. We'll probably see even better deals soon, glad I waited a bit longer.

  • Dickson
  • 26 Jun 2022
  • uQ5

Samsung was an underdog behind America, what America said Korea followed. As Samsung scattered shouted down their factory in china and invested huge capital in US because of microchips war ...! Korea can not be trust , they like Japan too betrayer 👎 ...

  • blazup
  • 26 Jun 2022
  • mhF

Samsung has 50 million phones on their shelfs which they could not sell yet? No wonder if they cut constantly down on features without apparent reasons. I really would like to join one of their meetings in which they discuss specs for upcoming phones...

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