Samsung B2700

Samsung B2700

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  • looook

P i give to customer date bal check no

  • Anonymous

Josh, 05 Apr 2009I've also run into problems with the phone repeatedly rebooting ... moreThe fix with thw reset code is fixing the problem for ever?

  • md

bdon, 14 May 2013this code makes it get louder *#0002*28346#hi
I tried with *#0002*28346# but couldn't solve it. If you can post some more details in this ' Audio settings' , that I can check / Adjust.
thank you

  • md

Hi all
Iím new to B2700 and I have an issue with hearing / volume. I can't hear the voice from the other end caller. But when the speaker phone on, it does. I tried with the phone options but still and so I guess this is faulty. If anyone can help me on this, it would be highly appreciated.

  • bdon

this code makes it get louder *#0002*28346#

  • danny

it is a good phone long service smal price, not so good every one wont to steal it hahahah

my only problem is the pass words for the sim never could find what it is and never got any drivers for my computer to get it on the computer never pass word your sim and have your sim quit working hahahaah youcan put a new one in and have it work or even get the phone open you lose ever thing

  • AnonD-80727

Hello iam looking for a battery of Samsung B2700.I dont want to pay so much price.Thanks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2011I love the outdoors very much and this phone is perfect for me. ... moreHello im interisting for your samsung b2700.i have that phone but no battery.that why im looking for a phone that not so much price.i just want the battery.thank you

  • Stillwell

why do users complain about every phone they use. i've been using samsung b2700 for several months and do not see any problem with it. no phone's perfect. users should stop complaining. they can't have everything in a phone. i bought this phone due to its durability and torch light. i'll not regret having this phone.

  • RAJ

i lve that mbile

  • Anonymous

I love the outdoors very much and this phone is perfect for me. The problem is that it has been phased out in the Philippines. Can anybody tell me where i can purchase this phone.... Thanks & Godspeed

  • Betty boo

i have this phone as as trial from a provider for about 2 years now. its the best phone i ever had. number 2 to the berry. i love this phone, unfortunately i broke my face(not the screen) where can i get a face,please its hard to part with this phone.

  • AnonD-1074

i love this phone where can i bye this phone in saudi arabia please if anyone knows please inform me

  • Peter

What a great phone. Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, nice and loud and fairly easy to use. Pitty I didn't go for the optional extra of a mobile phone tower in my front yard. Companies such as 3 should be held accountable for pushing such phones on business owners who rely so much on them. The worst phone as far as reception I have ever owned.

  • Di

I brought The Samsung B2700 in November 2010 .And by December i had to take it back to the shop.As it constantly turned itself off.Also when travelling in the car the signal would drop out.Its ashame really as it was a nice phone.The shop gave me another phone.

  • Anonymous

These phones are definitely shockproof. I should know because mine has been hurled at the floor several times due to 3's ATROCIOUS network coverage. Ever receive a text then lose all coverage seconds later so you can't reply? Welcome to 3.

  • Anonymous

plz reply urgently! what is its sms memory?

  • Matias

Jon , Sweden, 05 Nov 2009I hope you read this since its been some months since you posted... moreOh dear, thanks to you I got my B2700 back to use! Had the same problem. Phone shutting down all the time. Apparently disabling the pedometer fixed it. I wonder if they have any firmware upgrade which would fix this problem?

  • Blaster Bretty

I have had this phone for almost a year and found it to be OK!
The screen broke a while back but it still works OK! I love the extra loud ring tones as in my line of work its needed! (construction site)
The one thing I do hate is having to turn off word prediction on every SMS I send! thats a real pain in the a#$e!
But over all I have found it to be a good all round phone! Also have dropped it and even thrown it to show mates how tough it was on a number of occasions and still no damage! the screen broke in my pocket when my hammer hit it while squeezing between a tight space!


  • Anonymous

Aussie Dave, 21 Jun 2010To all those who are comlaining about their phone dropping out. ... moreMate i hope it ends better with you than me. i had mine for 2 months and it went in 3 times for repair for internal problems. it would turn itself off, freeze on imcoming calls. i have drop outs all the time when my wife is next to me also on 3 and she has full reception. i would not recommend this phone to anyone. i had the phone replaced and 5 months later i'm having the same issues. as for the phone calls droping out one thing i know is that because the airial is in the butt of the phone you had to be sure you didnt' have you hand on it as it blocks the signal. my phone was droping out whilst in a cradle so ppl dont buy