Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO

Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO

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  • anatec

technology plateau!!!!!!!!!
whats next come on??????

  • Anonymous

a very good lookin fone with great specs
n the best part is its a budget phone,,,,yippppie

  • Hellooh

Well its not annoying, they(Samsung) are just making a wide range of different types of fones with different functions for different people. thats just what i think they are doing.
I love Samsung! this phone looks really pretty and the functions are great as well. :)
they are not boring like thick Nokia phones.

  • Simon

This looks nice but that red keyboard is just terrible.

  • ani skywoker

wierdo fone

  • ehsan

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2009it has become very annoying to see these cheap and funny looking... moremaybe samsung's phones price is low
but this not means those quality is too

  • Fabian

How much is this mobile in india...

  • Anonymous

Even though it's a touch screen, but it still can't beat my Boom 5730XpressMusic...
Touch is the only plus, lots of minus
Even world rolling fast but still samsung's Gprs and Edge receiver rolling out only class 10, Screen is resistive so we need stylus, pure copy is interchangable covers which we already seen in Nokia N79, tough low end samsung phones get DnSe sound but here???,
3G is good enough but no Video call camera and 3.2mpix main camera is fixed focus and flash???
and more disadvantages to write....

  • Anonymous

I love the specs and all and the design looks great but only in the qwerty keyboard area, otherwise the front side where the screen is looks so cheap and I really hate it!!

  • blaqueroc

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2009it has become very annoying to see these cheap and funny looking... more...agreed!

  • Anonymous

wow great looks n specs
cheers its a budget phone
samsung rockz

  • reeny

this phone looks cute.. i think i should get one for myself

  • Anonymous

quite nice, considering the "just right" combinations it offers. Not that high-end, but surely i'll enjoy its features, very neat and usable.. ;D
..only one thing i want for it to have:: an andriod OS similar to MOTO-Blur, how I wish..

  • Kieran

I quite like it. Admittedly it will have to be priced right, but it looks promising. Everyone who is looking at it thinking "OH NOEZ! ITS NOT GOT A DECENT OS ON!", you need a serious reality check. Yes its not a symbian, WinMO or Android smart isnt meant to be. Its meant to be a capable powerful phone, for those who want high power for a medium price.

if its a medium price. I would say this thing will flounder badly if its about 220, since it'll jsut attract too much attention from the likes of Nokia's Eseries business phones.


how much is this phone anyways?

  • Diovan

I hope it's arrive at Indonesia soon

  • Erick

This device if priced correctly will satisfy a gap in the market for a type centric form factor at an affordable price. If this device is priced competitively it will sell very well among its target audience.

  • Sikorsky

Point is, that Samsung guys did see Motorola DEXT MB220 and created fast those 2 Corby models in desperate attempt not to lose texter niche ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

stayHear , you mean this one has its' own operating system ?? you right , not a good thing, for example if we want to put TomTom software for GPS!