Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4

Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4

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  • abdillah makame

AnonD-369823, 02 Mar 2015 How to make WhatsApp work on this phone?how to install whatsApp in samsung B7350

  • AnonD-369823

How to make WhatsApp work on this phone?

  • Anonymous

can it suport whatsapp

  • Anonymous

about whatsapp

  • Anonymous

how can i download skype on my B7350?

  • ob

i want to update my samsung windows b7350 pls i need0help

  • REDi

i can not connect to internet by using a wifi connection,please somebody help me

  • hale

I cant browse on my fone, could help me set it up

  • Hale

i still can't connect to internetwith my fone. could you give me a specif direction to how to get connected and browse freely on my fone

  • sorin5000

AnonD-158225, 23 Jun 2013I want to upgrade my samsung B7350 Omnia pro 4 but how? plz help me.You'll need to buy a new phone because this OS is not ungradeable

  • Derrick

Help! help! please how can I use this front camera,
or it is a notificaton light

  • Jayesh

- How to make WhatsApp work on this phone?
- How to upgrade OS of this phone from Win 6.5.3 to Win 7.5 and above?
- WhatsApp doesn't work below Win 7.5 hence need to know how to upgrade OS or how to install WhatsApp on this phone.

  • AnonD-158225

AnonD-113020, 14 Feb 2013can I upgrade my omnia pro 4 from 6.5 to win 7 ? does that upgr... moreI want to upgrade my samsung B7350 Omnia pro 4 but how? plz help me.

  • AnonD-158225

Flourenzo, 29 Aug 2012How do l use the in-front camera and connect memory card with my phoneI also need this solution how to use my front camera. is there anyone who can help me plz?

  • AnonD-158225

first u have to connect your pc to an internet connection then connect your mobile to pc it will automatically work after taking set up. thnx

  • stark

I am using this phone from almost 2 year, i have a problem with my connection to facebook, when i try to connect from the aplication instaled on phone, it apears; "Can't connect to facebook, chek your connection to internet" but i am connected and other applications is working.please, maybe somebody had the same problem and it can help me to fix this problem. Regards

  • AnonD-113020

marija , 09 May 2012hi :) i have this mobile , it is great !! but i can't connec... moreU need samsung kies light.... if is not to late :)

  • AnonD-113020

can I upgrade my omnia pro 4 from 6.5 to win 7 ?
does that upgrade is available and if it is can somebody tell me where can I find it.
if somebody knows please mail me to:

  • kata

i just had this phone i noticed i cant download a music player.might have upseted some thing so trying to download a new player since my phone is just on vibration.
Also i cant change the phone language from french to english.
using the front camera happens to be an impossibility.please help me

  • icepax

Can the gps work without connecting to the internet?