Samsung B7722

Samsung B7722

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  • Anonymous

i woude like to get androide sys operation for my mobile.

  • appu

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2011should i go for samsung star duos b7722 or wave2,plz help,m hell... morewave2 is better than b7722

  • giggz

what is dual sim dual standby. is my phone faulty as it does not support some sim application menus?

  • giggz

Could someone tell me whether i will have to continue switching on/off my phone forever to access my sim 2 apllication menus or is there a way its reversible?
My swtie has a Samsung chat 322 but it doesnt have that problem. thought i had left that behind after changing from D880 ! Over to the people at Samsung. Also very few upgrades of firmware available for Africa region.

  • HT

Guys, this phone SUCKS. There is no way you can remove/ disable WIGETS. The phone restarts itself after some call and SMS. It goes to sleep without any informations. Basic phones are better tahn this.

  • Pawan

Jahor Nath, 25 Mar 2011i have this phone B7722.i have a problem,when i on the music pla... moreI was having the same problem with my phone. Then i reset my phone and a month now i did not face that problem again. Menu>>Setting>>Reset Setting>>Select All>> Reset.

  • Mahesh.k

Don't buy this mobile. Music player is closed while pressing end button even if minimize or while playing in background.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2011should i go for samsung star duos b7722 or wave2,plz help,m hell... moreSamsung wave series phones are actual smartphones having Bada OS which is customizable. In case of B7722 OS is not customizable by themes, firmware upgrade, multi-platform support, etc. If dual sim is not necessary go for wave.

  • rohit

quality is good but mobilec look not beautiful so plz more work

  • user

I have been using this phone for 1 year and found out SIM 2 has EDGE shown by 'E' after the 2nd sim signal while browsing the net. After testing the speed at found out it is 70kbps in my location well above gprs (48kbps ). Also a 2gb microsd card was included along with this handset.

  • rajan

suji, 22 Jun 2011can any one tell how to reduce the fount size in text inboxjust press volium "-" key to reduce the size of the text in inbox.

  • ROY

how to send and receive business cards in this phone,some one

  • raj

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2011some one me ,how to send business cards with 7722,how to... morefrst open the contact with edit option then u see the option send busseness card so send it ok

  • krish

mag_87, 27 Jul 2011does the 2 sim work in the same time? s

  • yamaant

thats a better fhone

  • Anonymous

Mr.X, 28 Jul 2011Please don't buy, I am using this mobile only. Software have bugs. It hangs sometimes

  • baby

am nt able to download the usb cable drivers , pls assist

  • Anonymous

james, 28 Jul 2011how does one enlarge words while browsing i tried pressing the i... moredouble click the screen or press volume keys to enlarge the words

  • Ranjith

mag_87, 27 Jul 2011does the 2 sim work in the same time? yes

  • GIRI

very good phone 7722 dul sim with 3g