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Hi, i am planning to buy a phone with dual sim standby and wifi option. Is Samsung B7722 a better choice

  • Mahmoud A Abdel Aziz

I need your help to tell me how to transfer contacts from Nokia 6120 classic to Samsung B7722 ......... plzzzzzzz


EduAzevedo, 24 May 2011Go to text message, then instead of attaching something, insert ... morebut it is receving the party as mms ,for opening he has to go to the website,is there is any method to send as business cards as in other mobile

  • Anonymous

luckystar, 25 May 2011Hi... Can anyone confirm that this model will have the featur... moreThis has google talk by the help of plaringo app. You have to open a palringo account. Otherwise install nimbuzz or other java app in this phone to use google-talk, facebook chat, yahoo messenger all in one.

  • Anonymous

venkat, 25 May 2011mobile tracker available in this model?No mobile tracker.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone in Jan this year although it has few good features but it is problematic. Some problems include

1. Browser problems (page too large, memory full, not enough resources)
2. Phone restarts (when simple application error occurs).
3. Touch is not too sensitive.
4. Poor phone UI. Like phone locks during call (no way to stop this), no photo from secondary camera, no standard way to open the secondary camera (except *#0*#)
5. Low audio level specially for videos.
6. Video sometime do not play properly after turning on the phone.
7. Memory issues as well for applications.
8. Power off key too sensitive.
9. Lacks some good features like GPS, Call recording, a good OS (like Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc) which are available in single sim phone at this price.
10. Wifi is sometimes disconnects automatically but is occurs rarely. Issue is solved after phone restart/resetting wifi connections.
11. Not a very good screen resolution for video playing.
12. SIM2 is not quad band GSM. (dual-band) Hence some operators may not be supported.

The pros:

1) Dual sim (dual active). Default sim (SIM1) 3G. SIMs can be swapped automatically.
2) Document viewer supports word, pdf, powerpoint etc.
3) Call reject facility by creating reject list.
4) Camera is nice 5MP, flash if no memory issue occurs.
5) Good image and video editor provided. Image editor is nice and has many features.
6) Full Java Support.
7) FM with MP3 recording.

Thus this is not a worth to buy phone if dual sim is not absolutely necessary.

  • Anonymous

AB, 27 May 2011does this hav any problem while surfing webYes it has problems with the dolphin browser. Install opera mini.

  • newstart2020

AnonD-8288, 12 May 2011What is difference between dual sim standby and dual sim active?... moredual active: both sim work can recive calls both standby
dual standby: one work one off can change between

  • AB

does this hav any problem while surfing web

  • AB

does this have sum problem while surfing web?


Gops, 25 May 2011Hope many of them were purchased this mobile during the month of... moreI purchased a samsung GT-B7722 on november 2010, almost few weeks after its release in india.
Pros -
1. The dual sim support (3G in 1st slot + 2G ) with
both sims being active (for incoming and out
going calls) at the same
time is the best feature.
2. 5Mega Pixel camera with autofocus, zoom, good
clarity, quality
3. Video camera - saves in mp4 format with excellent quality.
4. Audio mp3 player & Audio recording
5. FM radio with recording facility (really high quality sound)
6. Dolphin web browser ,can install browsers like
opera mini.
7. bluetooth, WIFI, 3G+ with HSDPA for fast mobile / laptop / pc surfing
8. Can browse internet from laptop/PC by connecting to phone thru blue tooth / wire
9. Even supports a blue tooth mono head set (bh-101) which was used earlier for my nokia 6603 device.

1. Phone reboots/auto shutdown occassionally.
2. The WIFI connect reboots the phone if attempt to connect fails due to some reason.
3. At times the touch screen menu hangs on a incoming call and we will not be able to accept calls using call button.
This issue occurs rarely.
3. The call log (dialled/ recieved calls) menu has a bug where if one number is selected,
it can open another number in call history, (seems a problem with call index)
4. Big size of the device
5. To play high quality downloaded mp4 video files, it needs to be imported to phone card/memory using samsung kies (quality gets reduced on import)
6. Operating Sys upgrade not supported.
7. Opening some web pages, lead to less memory warning and prompts to close running applications.
8. If 2 or 3 devices are paired in our devices - blue tooth service, file transfer/ connection to other bluetooth phones may fail.
9. Only few accessories/softwares are available for this model in samsung website or other sites.
10. Connecting port for headphones/ charger is not very good.

  • berber

I'm intrested to buy it , but need it with possibility to recieve & send mail from my company Microsoft Exchange Mail Server .
1-Does its mail client support Exchange Mail Server ?
2-Does the screen requires only a Stylus pen or it can
be operated EASYLY by fingers touch ?
3-Does it's Speaker loudness high ? (I have B5702 and
the loudness is very poor) .
Thanks for Quick reply .

  • azman

I went to Lowyat looking for this phone butI understood from lowyats' many vendors that this phone is no longer in production. Strange, cause it was released only 11 months ago. Can anyone verify? Any reasons why? Or can anyone suggest me where I can buy one?

  • devendar reddy

dear friends....

this is the worst phone i ever seen.....

when customer purchased a mobile of price Rs. 11,000/-
one has to expect basic functions like call recording, inbox messages while in call. And operating system is very slow... and if u open any application other than simple dial menu.... error shows, end all application.

please this is not a suggested phone.

And last but not least, worst customer service.... company replies that we dont offer such facility in tis phone...... and ignores the customers...

  • Gudi

It is a very bad phone. It's phone better than the Nokia5230.

  • Anonymous

EduAzevedo, 24 May 2011Go to text message, then instead of attaching something, insert ... morethanks,but sti it shows sending failed

  • Gops

Hope many of them were purchased this mobile during the month of May 2011. Is there any body facing problem on the mobile which gets switched OFF automatically. Since I am facing this problem often in B7722.
If any one solved this problem. Pls help.

  • AnonD-9285

very GOOD device ,,,

  • venkat

mobile tracker available in this model?

  • luckystar


Can anyone confirm that this model will have the feature to use Google-Talk ?