Samsung B7722

Samsung B7722

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  • p

How can we record call on this handset?
I know that there is no option but,Is there any software available for this?
How can i install different font in this mobile?
If yes please help...

  • p

Friends, i am using this phone from last 4 months.
I find this phone worth price.
All functions working well, but net browsing speed is very slow & no android so,no more applications for downloads & use.

  • zizo

hi if like ex iactivet sim 1 and there is call come to sim 2 can i recivei it

  • dinesh

[deleted post]i think you are correct Mr. Rajesh i have also the same problems somewhat while call is coming i try to pick but it is not possible to pick up i need to cut and call again
and it dont have any firmware updates till now looks samsung made this and throws in the market with no service support making fool to peoples.

  • Mallikarjun

Kiranlal, 30 Jan 2011I bought this phone last week. I think it is a nice phone, but I... moreyes battary backup is very Bad

  • Happy Chandel

dear frndz...... plz tell me about dis phone.i like dis phone with its feature n looks.but dont know about its it good for net use and ...? and what about its operating speed.."? what is its minimum cost at chandigarh. and alternate phone at this price

  • sudhir

can i use video n vice chat with this phone?

  • Kiranlal

I bought this phone last week. I think it is a nice phone, but I feel that the battery must have a little more back up power. All the other features of this phone is awesome.

  • pravven

Suresh-Bangalore, 28 Jan 2011Today only i bought the mobile Samsung B7722 i hope it works fin... moresuresh
How is your experience with this phone now.

  • anonymous

I bought samsung b7722. Yesterday i tried to transfer my messages from inbox to my folder. it was successfully transfered. after a while i tried it again and now i cannot transfer it anymore. What should i do now in order for me to transfer my inbox messages to my folder. Please help me. Thanks

  • sweet angel

Why is that i cannot move my messeges on my inbox to my folder. What should I Do?

  • Sugar

Compare LG GX500 And Samsung B7722
1-Samsung Lcd = Bigger
2-LG LCD = Better Quality
3-LG Battery = Better
4-Samsung Camera = Better in Night(Flash)
5-LG Camera = Better in Day(Better Lens)
6-LG Speed = Slow
7-Samsung Java Installation = only on Phone Memory
8-Samsung Widget = Better (Can Download New One)
9-Lg Have Task Manager
10-Samsung Data Memory (SMS & Contacs) = Better

  • Serem Edwin

Do this phone have a LCD screen?

  • Anonymous

wen v dialing it locks automatically ,whetre i have to stop that

  • knool

Phone is slow but battery backup is good i'm using 2 sim still i get good backup... your battery backup all depend on how good your signal.

  • knool

Guys switching on/off automatically, even i faced the similar issue its not because of software or motherboard issue. its because below 2 keys are very sensetive. whenever you put in jeans pocket or while cutting call off if you pressed hard then again it will go off. Samsung need to think about it..

  • sumit

why it always shows "out of memory please close some application" when i have just opened opera mini for browsing. It never downloads any file from opera mini
samsung browser is very slow as compare to opera mini how to make it fast.. please reply...

  • Suresh-Bangalore

Today only i bought the mobile Samsung B7722 i hope it works fine for me if not i will return it back....

  • kk

i am using this mobile for 2 months and i am not satisfied with this mobile at all , this mobile o.s. is very slow and i am not pleased with the features of this phone
--- internet browsing is slow on the phone as well as on computer the
----touch sensitivity is also not good and
----this mobile is slow also
----battery is also not having that good performance as two sim consume a lot of battery
u should buy a nokia c7 instead all features in on phone

  • Anonymous

I want ask if the samsung b7722 support skype call and how i can download skype? Tanx