Samsung brings discounts to Galaxy S10 series in India

Michail, 14 February 2020

With the announcement of the new Galaxy S20 series this week, Samsung is slashing the prices of its S10 series in India. All three phones are still up for grabs on Samsung’s official web store with significantly lower asking prices compared to their launch.

Samsung brings discounts to Galaxy S10 series in India

The S10e is now going for INR 47,900 down from INR 55,000. The vanilla S10 is INR54,900 which is a solid INR 16,100 discount on the original price. The S10+ got the biggest discount with INR 17,100 off and is now going for INR 61,900.

Samsung brings discounts to Galaxy S10 series in India

Samsung’s previous-gen flagships still offer a balanced mix of great displays, solid camera performance and a robust set of features. The new price cuts make them a tempting offer for those who want a flagship experience but are not ready to splurge on the latest versions.

The Galaxy S10+ in particular is still one of the most complete packages around as we found out in our long-term review and is an easy recommendation even a year after its release.

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Why are you even mentioning the iPhone 11?! You were never going to buy it anyway, either because you can't or you won't lol. BTW, I have a red-colored one and it's fantastic! Apple has calibrated the screen so well that you can't even tell the diffe...

Or may be you are the only one here who couldn't understand his comment, almost (except you) everyone seems to have read what that comment meant.

Nailed it...

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