Samsung unveils 50MP ISOCELL JN1 camera sensor

Yordan, 10 June 2021

Samsung has just introduced its latest camera sensor targeted at smartphones - it is called ISOCELL JN1 and packs 50MP resolution. The size of a single pixel is just 0.64 μm, which is the smallest the Korean company has ever produced, while the entire sensor is 1/2.76” type.

Samsung brings ISOCELL JN1 camera sensor with 0.64 um pixels

The sensor is made for “every smartphone, from mid-range to flagship”. It has ISOCELL 2.0 for advanced pixel isolation and reducing cross-talk. In theory, it should improve light sensitivity and color fidelity with upgraded materials between color filters that don't let light from one pixel leak into the neighboring ones.

The ISOCELL JN1 comes with Tetrapixel technology that bins four pixels into one big 1.28μm pixel for bright 12.5 MP images with less noise. This also enables real-time HDR - with two exposures being captured at the same time.

Samsung brings ISOCELL JN1 camera sensor with 0.64 um pixels

The phase-detection focusing is also improved and now comes under the name Double Super PD. Samsung redesigned the micro-lens on top of the pixels in the ISOCELL JN1, which improves autofocus speed and accuracy.

The sensor can capture video up to 4K@60fps and 1080p@240fps, but of course that will also depend on the smartphones having a chipset to allow those.

Samsung ISOCELL JN1 is already in mass production so the first phones with it can't be far away.

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Reader comments

  • no name
  • 02 Aug 2021
  • n2x

they better reintroduce the dual aperture ... that was not a bad idea!

  • Anonymous
  • 13 Jun 2021
  • M0x

Therotical joker returns.. You have zero idea about image processing Algorithms, judging a camera based on hardware alone is like judging a car based on engine alone.

  • Kurosava
  • 13 Jun 2021
  • ndi

It was not a personal attack. Disregarding image quality in a thread about image quality is a plain lack of common sense. The whole story started with image quality in focus.

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