Samsung C100

Samsung C100

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  • Hey...!

Hello Samsung celphone makers! Can I be one of your unit testers and get to keep the phone? Cool! I am willing to travel. =)

  • Anonymous

LOW END coloured screen phone.... not bad

  • Hey all!

Samsung is a fierce competitor of Nokia. They make more robust phones than some Nokia models. Give them a chance...

  • ME

Siinä se on Motorola c350!
There is it Motorola c350!

  • Anonymous

Nothing special.

  • shiggy

looks cheao, must be too

  • Anonymous

Buyer: Wat da hell is dat?
Seller: This is a silver shit from Samsung, mam!
Buyer: Samsung stop coppying from Motorola on her flip phones, didn't she?
Seller: No mam, She trying to copy from another manufactures, you'll see

  • YAY!!

Im the first one to post a review in the world!!!!! YAY!!!