Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • jhom

this is my phone now it so cool end very fast

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2017How can we use whats app in this mobileYou are joking right? You cant, it doesn't even have android

My first phone

  • Ssp

My first

  • Sfiso Stozie Ntsele

My first touchscreen cellphone,back in 2012.
:-)if only l could turn back the hands of time
Golden years!
Forever a Samsung fan!

  • Mac2006

My first touchscreen based phone. I think its battery is very long life. I upgrade to smartphone after two year because need more app support. But overall its price is very reasonable for all of its function provided.

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2016May be you played them in your dreams buddy :)LOL =D

  • Trojan_1019

one of the best phone I've ever had, since it just a gift from my ex girlfriend but the battery consumption it takes 1 week if you only used it for calls and texting. very nice I used it for almost 2 years but unfortunately it sunk to the seawater and I can't save it. Thumbs up for Samsung champ.

  • Cavin Potatoe

very bestest telephone, very yes. i am currently boasting a oneplus 6 but im thinking to upgrade to this insane beast. very yes.

THE PHONE IS TOO SMALL!!! It has an even smaller screen size than a couple of Touch and Type phones by Nokia!

  • JoshDC

It's built-in bluetooth connection hacking system is really awesome. Once connected to a bluetooth paired device, you can browse their entire library or file manager. Basically, you can put anything there and copy a file from there too. Awesome device!

  • Anonymous

How can we use whats app in this mobile

  • nazmadil

I still use this phone and it's truely awesome! I bought this when it came first time into the market in 2010. It's battery still able to last for more than a week! Wonderful stereo music output by it's built in speakers and great experience when connected a headphone! I lost the original headphone but using a Sony headphone. I have changed a lot of latest smartphones but this one...never!

  • AnonD-685019

AnonD-676667, 12 Jun 2017Guys? somebody reply me how do i get facebook app for my ch... moreI think you need FB Java app.Idk if you can find specific for Champ now, i had one really nice but so much has changed since then, Just get a smartphone with fine web browser.

  • AnonD-676667

Guys? somebody reply me how do i get facebook app for my champ? I already searched in the internet but nobody has a link to facebook app. Somebody? please reply me thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

  • z8

Damn I miss this phone. Can't ever forget that stylus :D

  • Anonymous

My first Samsung Phone. Tons of memories.

  • AnonD-623371

RaveWolf, 04 Oct 2016Nope, sorry it doesn't... I've tried... Not enough Memory.I love it! it still works to this day! I've had it since 2011 and believe me my friends and family changed their phones a hundred times but mine still works how about that!

  • AnonD-596296

My phone has become laggy after updating to lollypop.

  • hunters

i had bought this phone,regret sometimes bcoz there was c3560 flip phone n it physical keypad was really easy to handle..