Samsung C3520

Samsung C3520

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  • Ox

bilal, 18 Nov 2018it's very good mobile but me iforget pasword helpmeTry 1234, std password

  • bilal

it's very good mobile but me iforget pasword helpme

  • Kaj

Great phone.

Obscure, even when it was released.

  • Ma

Sue, 19 May 2015Does this phone work on the Telstra NextG network in Australia?Not as of 1 dec 2016

  • Max

This phone wont work in australia after 1 april 2017 as gsm here closes down


I Want is mobile

  • Mel

I have been used c3520 for two and half year but now I'm not receiving phone calls from any number and when I switch it off on its writing that the sim profile not .remain or deleted

  • Janboy

I have had my GT C35201 for quite a while now and as yet have not been able to set up E-mails or use the internet as no one seems to know how to set the thing up I am told its something to do with AT&T, which is no longer, can anyone advise pse?

  • Black Puli

Richard., 06 Sep 2016Its a great phone and pulls-in signals from just about anywhere,... moreThis particular phone is set for 2G signals. 2G network is to be closed by Telstra on the 1st December 2016 therefore making this phone null and void.

  • Richard.

Its a great phone and pulls-in signals from just about anywhere, but can anyone tell me if the GT-C3520 is 4G compatible?

  • Anonymous

Erick, 09 Oct 2015Can instaL Whatsapp messenger?? Or not??this is a non smartphone so it does not support any apps

  • bob

AnonD-351912, 14 Jan 2015You should look up the APN and MMS settings for your service pro... moreCCheck with your service provider and confirm you can send and receive pics with your texts. Not all text pkg include pics, sometimes it's a text pkg upgrade.

  • Erick

Can instaL Whatsapp messenger??
Or not??

  • baygal

Switched provider and now cannot send international text, anyone know why? Company has checked that all is ok with service and also with receiving end able to receive, must be a setting on my phone?

  • anon

KatyBell, 09 Jun 2015I bought my GT-C3520 in December 2015, don't use it much except ... moreturn off bluetooth?

  • Sylvia

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2015please help me - I have a Samsung 3250 and somehow turned off pr... moreTo turn on predictive text - create a text message and complete the 'To:' field, go into the message itself and press Options, 6 writing options, predictive text on.

  • Anonymous

please help me - I have a Samsung 3250 and somehow turned off predictive text, can you please tell me how to get it back on - thank you

  • Deb

Can anyone advise why my phone would go straight to messagebank instead of ringing.

  • AnonD-383472

Nikh, 11 Oct 2014Can anybody tell me how can I put the videos and pics from this ... moreWell if you have a USB cable it's easy, but I am not sure if your phone comes with a USB cable...

Just connect the USB cable to your phone and to your PC, and install the software onto your computer... It will prompt you. Then you can open up your phone's memory or access it like the hard drive of your PC. Then just copy and paste