Samsung C3590

Samsung C3590

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Last feature phone I had, sadly did not like it much...

Released 2013, October? I must be experiencing the Mandela Effect, as I remember this phone being released 2014, August NOT 2013, October.

  • Anonymous

Solid phone, especially for elderly. The big issue is that it supports large microsd cards, even 32GB claimed here, but OS puts a hard cap on number of files, 3000 it says and no more. Used up 1.5GB of the 8GB card but cannot take any more photos - will have to remove them from card so that granny can take new ones. A shame

Samsung should have released this MUCH earlier.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016Can someone please tell me how to unlock my phone, I stupidly wa... morePhone you mobiles network provider tell them they give you unlocking pin

  • raganinjo

My grandmother use it three years and I think she will use it at least another three.Strong mobile.

  • Danny__

Do the messages appear as a conversation or individual messages? thanks

  • dattaraj

anyone pls tell me from whr i can get this duel sim flip phone...m from goa

  • Jack

This phone sounds very cool I will ask for it for Christmas

  • AnonD-359902

this phone looks really cool

  • AnonD-521155

İ have this phone is awesome very nice i can download games and other think is awesome. But how can do download games in memory card not to phone memory please

  • spider

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2016i have samsung gt-c3590 and pc. how can i transfer the photos fr... moreUse a data cable which you connect to your computer and just use it a normal hard drive if you have a memory card in it.

  • Anonymous

Can someone please tell me how to unlock my phone, I stupidly was playing around and thought I would put in a pass/pin no and now can't remember what I've done or the password! And it's locked the phone

  • manuel

how can I enlarge incoming image on my screen please? I can hardly see the image when someone phones me

  • Anonymous

i have samsung gt-c3590 and pc. how can i transfer the photos from the menthioned mobitel to pc. i have windovs 7 with google. should i have an aditional software ?

  • Anonymous

Can somone plz tell me how to lock this phone??

  • Jurere

Too bulky, seniors and no-seniors need thinner , more compact flip phones, an external 1´ display is mandatory.The E2530 was ideal size, but with more quality, 1-week battery and Samsung has a winner.

  • cyclekarl

Ls122, 03 Nov 2015To change the setting where the phone answers a call when you op... moreHello some samsung phones won't allow you to play ringtones stored on the memory card without transferring them to the main phone memory which can be a problem if there isn't room.Does this phone suffer from that problem? Also if you have reminders do they ring when the time comes?

Many thanks


  • Jinneywren

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2015I cannot transfer my photos to my pcI too have a GT-C3590, and find I am unable to transfer photographs to my P.C.

  • Anonymous

GT C3595. Any idea how to move/copy contacts list to an android Samsung Xcover 3 ?