Samsung C3780

Samsung C3780

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What a phone !

  • Samu

Hi, it has capability for 300 SMS messages to store.

  • tommie

...better if to be 3g...

  • dori

mohsin , 11 Mar 2013i am using this phone since six month but im soooo bore to use b... more150 sms limit is really bad.that means erasing sms every day.besides that, phone is OK.

  • Anonymous

beautiful and light in weight better than nokia phones

  • amm249

Don't buy this stupid has mode sensor issue
mine sensor stopped working just after three months.

  • mohsin

i am using this phone since six month but im soooo bore to use because its sms memory is too short only 150 sms we can save and track paid also some time not work well in my opinion this is a flap set of 2012 we want a totally change technology in cell phone thnx

  • Anonymous

Has it threaded SMS option?

  • AnonD-104518

i want one, please release in the philippines.

  • swapon

I think, Your SAMSUNG phone will be more produced If its battery charge may be increasing. and I using e250 set and my family use u.

i think my think is right.


  • asn

*any user plz reply*
-its keypad are soft or not?
-how many message storing capacity?
-does it have image editor?
-how is the result of movie and pic?
-how is the sound of its mic and speaker?
-is it gud for texting/messaging?

  • littleclown

9 days battery life with 30-60 minutes calls per day and no using java, Internet, mp3, etc.

So 9 days if you use it just as phone

  • littleclown

lite, handy, good looking, fast, simple, just working.
Slow Internet

I will test the battery life and will write later.

  • Vinci

Wen is it available in India ?

  • Anonymous

i want to buy this cellphone. when is it going to be available here in the philippines?

  • omer puri

how many text msgs can be stored?

  • Sandeep

When can we get in India?

  • AnonD-59285

kasuno, 20 Jul 2012not sale in indonesia,. suck!!!yess.. no sale in indonesia.. i want this :(

  • kasuno

not sale in indonesia,. suck!!!

  • festus

is it in kenya please iwanna buy this its coool guys
bring it in kenya.