Samsung C5212

Samsung C5212

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  • TyTN's son

RBa, 21 Feb 2009Nice preview there GSMArena and a nice dual-SIM handset the... more
Not true, m8!

The D980 has got a led flash for its 5MP camera.

  • RBa

Nice preview there GSMArena and a nice dual-SIM handset there Samsung!
However, some people might have liked your dual-SIM lineups better if at least you will release a Duos handset that has a camera WITH FLASH. I wonder why all Dual-SIM products don't have flash on their cameras? Is putting a camera flash really impossible for a dual-SIM handset?

  • Anonymous

last one, i really dont mean to flood, but the cam specs dont mention autofocus as in the review. these things would really weigh in if i'll buy this, so please answer this gsmarena troll, hehe

  • Anonymous

waaah, and the preview said it's touchscreen and in the specs it mentions nothing, gsmarena, please align the info!

  • Anonymous

...And another website even said it's 16.3mm! im confused!

  • Anonymous

the preview says it's 12.8mm thin, then the specs sheet shows 14.3mm, which one is it really?

  • Neo890

rsa_4392rrt, 18 Feb 2009how much? when will we get this phone in stores ... i am defiantly gonna buy this..

  • rsa_4392rrt

how much?


i have managed to get my hands on this device and i must say it is good in terms of weight and design. i have been using the sgh d 780 till date and this is better than the d 780. i dont use the camera much as my main concern is the dual sim card option which i depend on. size is also small and cute.

  • Anonymous

...more like only, til now.
slimmest dual sim samsung and no one's interested?