Samsung Ch@t 322

Samsung Ch@t 322

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  • Hk46

PBP, 01 Oct 2019still using samsung c-322 in good conditions Have been using it since may 2012 to date but my housing and key pad won out_ am in Uganda

  • PBP

still using samsung c-322 in good conditions

  • Sr_VP

Superb phone with good battery backup. Using it since 2012.

I'm using this phone since Januari 2011 until now. Battery is superb. It's saving. One charge can for 1 week.

  • AnonD-706840

Do we have parental control on these phone? I want to block internet access, whatsapp, facebook.

  • Anonymous

What frequency of Samsung C322. Because so many providers with different frequencies.

  • Kiu

I have one it is so durable I dropped from it from 4 floors to ground and it survived


Dickers21, 21 Jul 2016It doesn't come with WIFI, throw it away with no regrets.WOW, amazing phone, this phone is the example of the latest technological world. I am getting aroused by having this phone.

  • Dickers21

yolo, 12 Jun 2016does this phone have a wifi? why cant i install whatsapp? plea... moreIt doesn't come with WIFI, throw it away with no regrets.

  • yolo

does this phone have a wifi?
why cant i install whatsapp?
please answer me before throwing it away.....

  • ghost rider

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2015how to install any appsnice

  • djameltl

great,great great phones in a time
i still use it and i have s7 edge but i use it again for professional conversation and the s7 edge to pleasure

  • man boy

your imformation is 100% true

  • varoon

nice phone...but unfortunately....I lost this phone😢­í ½í¸¢ always miss u my little cute friend...u were always with me even in my bad time 😕&­iacute; ½í¸•

  • govind

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2015is there any way to install whatsapp in this phone?govind

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2015what is the battery model of this phone? thanks..I would like to buy one

  • pandy

i've been using this phone since it came out , and it's a great little phone .

  • PVT

Anonymous, 28 May 2015not supported whatsapp in this phonei think so

  • Muzzatron

It is a sad day today. After all these years, I sat on mine and broke the screen... What a great phone.

  • Saad

i don't know what's wrong with you guys i have been using this cellphone since 2012 and it's working perfectly very good battery timing