Samsung D410

Samsung D410

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  • T C Mutasa

It`s a good phone but I hate the freakin arial

  • hello-moto

i like samsung phone but why does the paint fade off n even i cover it in pouch n this makes the phone no value because the handphone told me even there 1 scratches on the phone n minus some cash n if samsung dont produce a phone with quality plastic casing n their using their buyers n they just started bluetooth n mp3 on d500 n hope that phone also the paint dont fade n look at s700i or nokia phone pure quality plastic n even through i put in pouch n not even a wear an tear n currently using s700i 3months ready n the paint still intact n samsung paint fade off after 2weeks use n poor quality

  • moha orison

God diz is d first fone i used in mah ntire lyfe dat i lyked it thank GOD 4 samsung

  • imran

It has great colour schemes I have never seen such a clear image in any other mobile phone set.Right now I m using this set, let me know if there are any free downloads for.I m using U-fone from Pakistan.Islamabad

  • haha

which of dis 4 fone i will ericsson p800,sony ericsson k700i,samsung d410,nokia 6600? pls dont based your if is old or new!!

  • sean bobzee

cool ,cute and very reliable

  • derrick pedro

i luv everything about the phone most especially the camera and the infrared functions.

  • Mike

It's a very good mobile phone...i have two of them...what can i say...well done Samsung

  • adewole

nice phone

  • jmy

cool coz of its sliding,,very clear picture but you will think twice to buy it coz it has no bluetooth and mp3 and no english version on d manual.

  • kel-

does samsung e800 send pictures to nokia 7250i? is fo so how?

  • john

i need help to unlock d410 samsumg. thanks.

  • siddharth kothari

send me the details as well as the outlet address for the specific phone

  • Jonothon

This phone is great, it has a funky design, and is a great slide phone. Everyone should own one. But you dont have to pay the retail price for this phone. You dont even have to pay half the retail price for this phone. All you have to do is go to the website on the side, read through all the instructions, then pay 20 pounds, and when your name gets to the top of the list, you get sent this phone, at absolutely no cost to you. Also, the phone is completely unlocked! This is a great opportunity, which shouldn't be missed! so get in now before the lists fill up!

  • ryan

hi just wanted to ask if you can really download mp3 on samsung d-410 cause some of my friends tells me that my phone is nice but it doesn't have mp3 player,,,if you can download it can you pls. tell me how?!?

  • Samantha

I'm about to purchase a samsund d410, but can anyone tell me if i can download pictures taken on the phone to my computer and if so how??? Thanx!!!

  • Arthur

Limited memory, cant send video via MMS. Limited message tones. No profiles. No FM radio. Anyway, the picture and video is very clear.

  • DarkDawn

thanks KJ,i apriciate it for ur help.i will see what to do! anyway both phones are just great!!

  • kj

E800 is a nice fone, but the downside of it is it doesnt have a videorecorder. cute slider fone for ladies.. while D410 is more masculine complete photo/video and with a brilliant 262K screen.. none of nokia screen can match.... whos's interested of buying a SAMSUNG D41- for only $328...

  • DarkDawn

hi there guys;i wish if someone can answer me and help me on this...i want to buy either a samsung D410 or the E800???? so anyone can help me on this please and tell me the reason on his decision!! please,i really need help on this cause i cant decide! thanks a lot! take care!!