Samsung D550

Samsung D550

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  • Samsungcancelphones
  • s7@
  • 24 Jun 2021

The phone is cancelled while Ben Duncan will not release the phone because it was a release lack of information

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    • Sam
    • PUd
    • 24 Sep 2008

    Wow what a loss i would have bought this phone right away!

    Loves it!

    Oh well..

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      • Anonymous
      • xkc
      • 17 Jun 2007

      is there an upgrade to this one?

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        • Anonymous
        • B$E
        • 21 Oct 2006

        Does it support AIM Fully?

        Can the MP3 Player be minimized?

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          • Lucas
          • 43T
          • 10 Sep 2006

          the d307 is not the same phone, its the locked version. it doesnt have a camera or a micro sd slot. its just like the samsung t809 is the locked verison of the d820. that whats i hate about phones from the united states, they always have the locked versions

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            • Anonymous
            • Yee
            • 13 Jul 2006

            if you have cingular or you live in the US you can get this same phone though without a camera its the samsung d307 but seeing as it was realesd a while ago it has been discuntionued
            so i guess youll have to wait tikk this comes out in the US for about 400 dollars

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              • iHopeUreadThisVella
              • 2CE
              • 09 Jul 2006

              Ive seen better

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                • keri
                • MSR
                • 17 May 2006

                i like the samsung itz very coll but i am getting another one like a samsung and itz pink and itz just a little bit bettter than that no affence by the way!! X|X

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                  • Lollipop
                  • PFM
                  • 17 May 2006

                  It looks nice n i like it. Tke Keyboard looks nice and useful

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                    • calidude13
                    • Ye6
                    • 06 May 2006

                    Who and when was the Samsung D550 reported cancelled?

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                      • hitmark
                      • BdI
                      • 22 Apr 2006

                      well i makes kinda sense. its a year late and they are bringing out a new phone with blackberry support.

                      still, i would have hoped that they would bring out a new phone with the same form factor, but with updated internals (i dont think this one supported edge among other things).

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                        • Anonymous
                        • iKt
                        • 18 Mar 2006

                        wat?????no it cant be canceled i heard that its been delayed but i dont think samsung wud do such a stupid thing by canceling this fone for msg fans!!!!!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • m4m
                          • 14 Mar 2006

                          D550 is cancelled

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                            • sadiq
                            • M{m
                            • 26 Feb 2006

                            this is a wonderfull mobil so flat so romantic

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                              • im0rtel
                              • nCx
                              • 08 Feb 2006

                              Samsung D550 looks very promising.With a QWERTY keyboard included is perfect for text messages
                              Next i'd like to make a short list of "+" and "-" :
                              For starters it has a camera very poorly designed.The low quality of the pics is given by the lack of brightness.
                              Second : the keyboard is not lighted.This might create disconfort if you'll try to write a message in the dark.
                              It has no WLAN , no HSCSD , no RADIO , no 3G , no EDGE , no INFRARED and it has been postponed for too long.
                              The good things :
                              The memory card slot seems not needed when you think that the phone has 84 megabytes of built-in memory.
                              The "widescreen" look is still the best feature Samsung has to offer with this phone.
                              The black color suits D550.

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                                • david
                                • nbI
                                • 06 Feb 2006

                                I WANT DAMN WIFI INTO THIS!!!! Why cant they do anything got wifi phone with qwerty keyborad... is this too much???

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                                  • HSH
                                  • SeE
                                  • 27 Jan 2006

                                  when is this comingout. it is jan 2006, and now theyarecoming out with d800's.

                                  nokia is much better with release dates.

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                                    • harhang
                                    • 2S}
                                    • 09 Jan 2006

                                    can i add memory card into this?

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                                      • derek
                                      • mtt
                                      • 29 Nov 2005

                                      men!!!!! this is one hell of a phone. just dont tell me other brands
                                      samsung are the greatest

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                                        • hitmark
                                        • xA2
                                        • 10 Nov 2005

                                        was it not supposed to support blackberry systems?

                                        and didnt rim (makers of blackberry) get into some legal trouble recenty?

                                        could it be that samsung have put this baby on ice to see what happens with rim until they release?