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Samsung D600

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  • JJ

Had a lot of problems with playing mp3's from a flash card on the D600. Changing the bitrate first solved most.

  • bile mitreva

where caN I DOWNLOAD java uploader v1.1 when i start to downloading java games my d600 is shuting down i choise #*536963# then #*5737424# ppp-up then USB/dovload serialand my fone is restart what to do please tell me thanks very much

  • jeezus

yeah the software cd was included in mine but if it isn't you can download it off the samsung website for free.

pics in downloaded images cannot be viewed full sceen. you can zoom in on photos by usung the volume key.

to play a vid full screen just press the 1 key.

some phones do have a bettery problem ,it doesn't last for more than 6hrs on standby. thats a bug in that particular model. just take it back to your dealer.

  • weiwei

D600's battery finished verty fast.n when we charged it, must charged for 3 hours.very troublesome

  • WisoBe

To lee: Impossible to watch your pictures in full screen.



  • Anonymous

I just got a D600 with no provider service.
When I put my SIM card, the screen still display "Insert SIM". Does anyone know how to go through this problem ?

  • Lee

while viewing photograghs from Photos in File manager - how do I view them in FULL SCREEN

  • WisoBe

Yes it is, and otherwise you can download it on the Samsung website.



  • khizer

hiz dudes yar tell me a the software cd of cell fone is include in your cell fone box..reply me mmideatly.....
thankss..take carezzzz

  • arm

natany: you just leave it charging even after it stops flashing. However, the better thing you can do is when it stops flashing, you should switch off the phone and then switch on and then start charging and it will resume blinking for some time, then it will stop again, you can repeat the same, so this is the best thing you can do for the first 3 times. Of course this will take some engagement of yourself, but not much I hope.

to rich mockett, some comments:

1) video recording can be zoomed in;
2) how shouldn't the front keypad unlock, you have to answer or reject the call by pressing a key, don't you? Otherwise, it would be set that only by sliding down = opening the phone one can answer a call. By the way you can for example set the call accepting mode limited to left soft key rather than accepting by any key.
3) I wouldn't say ring tone volume is low.

  • H.L.

It can display videos in full-screen;just press 1 while playing a video.

  • H.L.

To lady in red

U'd better ungrade ur samsung studio 2.0 to 3.0...i think i only support 3.0

  • rich mockett

Had this phone 4 days before taking it back and swapping for the siemens sl75. feel very strongly about some of its functions so im posting this review. ok here we go -

good points:
1.brilliant camra (2 mil pixels)
2.good memory
3.easy interface (bar one prob.see point 3 on bad points)
4. generally good at playing all media things.

now bad points: have the option of 'ring' or 'vibrate' or 'vibrate then ring' but no 'ring and vibrate'! thus i select 'vibrate then ring' and miss many calls when its out my pocket because the melody only kicks in on the last ring. ring time is set at 5 seconds before diverting and i cant change it.
3. there is no 'call settings' under 'settings' like with the nokia's. i know that the options are else where, but its frustrating not having things like 'call divert' and 'show caller id' under one group.
4.when someone phones the front screen uunlocks. this means i often hang up on people accidently (option is on front display).
5. the ring tone isnt loud enough.
6. i can't zoom in on videos, so stuff im sent from frinds is often displayed far away when i watch it.

the phone has many great gimics, but seems to fail on many basic options.

anyone found the same?

  • natany

ARM? just a question about charging (still going on about Mot V3x)- well even the first time it was only charging for max 2 hours (stopped fashing after two hours and it said that the charging finished)- and I did read in the manual that it should charge for at least 8 hours for the 1st time. I have charged it 3times (only have it since friday)- and don't use it that much, but all those times in charged for 2 hours max. So how can I "make" it charge for 8 or 10 hours?
thank you!!!!!

  • Anonymous

most people said that slide phone is not so good. kinda fragile. is it true?

  • Tiger

Does anybody ever complain bout the Battery?
I just bougt a week ago, an d the Batt was so terrible...just about 1.5 days. And d indicator didnt work properly. It still swhow 2 bar, but within 5 hours standby,it run out suddenly. Signal strength is xcellent in my area. Any same xperience?

  • arm

sorry, I forgot the word "entail"
please read (it does not ENTAIL high tech).

  • arm

People, travel charger make is not that important (it does not high tech), but the batteries are! They should not be "yellow".

  • lady in red

is the pc studio ver. 2.0 compatible with this phone? any ideas people of the world? =)

  • H.L.

Mine,too. What about the batteries? are they made in Japan/Finished in Korea?