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Samsung D600

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  • jeff

for those who are complaining about the battery life...

you know what i found out? that if you turn on the blue tooth icon and if you put in a memory card the battery drains faster. it lasts maybe 12-16 hours. but if you turn the blue tooth off and remove the memory card the standby hours suprisingly increases to 3 days!
i'm getting tired of charging this phone everyday!i miss my k750i

btw, if you are planning on buying a memory card(or this phone)just remember that the memory card and the phone does not work together. you will have to save your mp3 or pictures in the phone memory if you want to set it as your ringtone or wallpaper.

  • sean

this is a cool phone & i wud advise anyone who wants it 2 go 4 it,u wnt regret word on won...all hands down!

  • RAE

How many messages can be stored on the d600? is the transfer from bluetooth to another phone relatively quick or does it take hours like the motorola phones?

  • ivo_bg

this is a great gsm=phone.
did you know that you can open "word and excel" docs, zoom in it and print it?

d600=the great

  • Nicolas

Hi there! Could anyone please tell me if you can manage the organizer from the pc or you should do it from the phone. Tks.

  • ViiETgurl

i just got the D600 lyk an hour ago..i luv it so far but the camera takes a long time to capture the image..i rate it a 9 out of a 10

  • Adrian

Hi, i just got the D600. I'm wondering if there is anyway to get the ringtone and vibration to work at the same time. I previously had a Samsung P400, and i used to download a melody maker which allows you to add vibration to a made tone. Does the d600 have anything like that. I don't have the program anymore, but if any1 has some info on this matter it would be awesome to know

  • Paul

How can I transform wmw,wma,avi,asx,mpeg files in mp3 and mpeg4?

  • Anonymous

To sharm:
14.browser only supports xhtml not html. ***(i m cunfused,i dont know is there any html java software? )***

I installed Opera Mini on my phone which is a Java html browser and it works quite well compared to the default WEP browser, the large screen and higher resolution helps a lot too.

  • kayone

I agree with the last statement, i dislike the quality and feel of the Dpad compared to my old D500 which i sold, also the placement of the 2MP camera, my finger is blocking the lens half the time when i want to shoot a pic, so i have to relearn how to hold it. Love the features, but wish it could be fit into the D500s case.

  • zozo

i bought d600 from 5 days im happy with the phone because i like samsung mobiles it only has a problem that when i click the up down left right button it makes annoing plasticy sounds but dont worry its like that nothing is broken in it i like it so much i dont want to sell it.

  • JH

To Lee: It's your opinion what phone you want, because when you buy it, it's yours not mine. So do some research and go for it! Better to have your own opinion then others.

To Mafro: First you have to in stall PC-studio 3.0 then usb-driver then stick the usb in the port and let it find it for you, then reconnect and start PC-studio and plug in and it should work!

To Aschenco: You can't set off the Auto-block

  • Wonderboy

Hi MissChief

When you charge you phone leave it switched on. If your phone is an early model there is a fault with the charging unit. You may want to take it somewhere to have it's software updated.

Hope this helps

  • Asencho

I just got D600 and it is a GREAT phone. I just don't know how to turn off the auto lock function. I'm not sure that it is possible to turn it off.
Can somebody help me?

  • lee

its my b-day soon and i wanna get a new mobile i am stuck between the samsung d500 or the samsung d600 ive heard good comments on the phone and some bad ones on it whats ya opion of my chocie

  • Anonymous

i've got a samsung D600E , and nobody know's the difference between the D600 and D600E , so if anybody knows please let me know , my email address is -- ... thank's .x.x.x :) .x.x.x.

  • Mafro

I'm having problems connecting the phone to my PC. It's plugged in yet it says it isn't connected, can anyone help?

  • MissChief

Anyone havin problems with the battery life on this fone. its a reat fone but the battery life is extremely poor and is dead within hours after chargin it and its annyoing. Any1 got any ideas on how to make it last longer?

  • JH

To Sham: Hey i just installed everything of Softhick PPP and Uploader. At Softhick PPP it said there ''No Devices Connected'' how can i solve this problem other things are right and i kept looking for the problem, the problem was the ''No Devices Connected'' i had activated the Java but it freezes a couple seconds and then it shut down. Connection is alright but the Softhick PPP says ''No Devices Found''

  • waltmcc

been using the phone for 3 mos now...awesome phone! havent had any problems except setting up passwords but thats not a big deal. i can do everything w/ this fone.
..and you losers that rate this fone poorly cause theres no radio...??? thats like not wanting to buy a TV cause it doesnt have a microwave.