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Samsung D600

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  • Fah-Q


The mpg4 file name can't have spaces.

  • Pich

D600 S**K!

The speed is so slow compare to Nokia n Mp3 playback quality is so poor. The two loudspeakers are useless n produce the sound not clear.

NO SCREENSAVER!!! U kidding me! the fone display goes blank like a turn-off fone. N the fone key pad always lock, no setting.

The photos taken by camera n pics upload from PC can't zoom when open, keep watch your small pics!!!

The vibration is very weak. The pros of the fone has only two: nice display n good video recording. The rest are useless n doesn't worth money to buy.

  • Sheldon

I have transformed mpg files into mpeg4 [with Im TOO converter] for use on my samsung d600, however, it doesn't recognise the file type when transferring in the phone explorer. Has anybody succesfully watched downloaded mpeg4 clips on the d600? How were they transfered?

  • Anonymous

To Dugu

Yes- expect the plasticky key sounds with Samsung phones - it's still a solid phone . However - I would rather put up with the plasticky sounds than deal with another phone ( like N 6270 ! ) that shakes rattles and rolls because it is so badly built !

  • chris

hi i bought a d600 the other day and i want to put the pictures frommy phone up on the telly but when i connect it to the phone it turns off then when i pull it out it comes back on i recon it is a faulty phone but i might be doin some thin wrong HELP ME email me please with your answere thanks

  • Anonymous

I won't ever go for this type of phone again, its so boring, u can go through the whole menu and personalize every setting in about 60seconds. No radio, nahh!

  • Dugu

Hey all

I own the D600 after being a Loooong Die Hard Nokia Fan... But i am glad to say that its a Superb phone, i dnt realy have any negative points on it, seems like a class phone, the camera and video is juz so crystal clear as good as a TV..

Just wntd to ask all you D600 owners that when youre clicking around on the up,down, left and right key, does your phones make an annoying clicking sound like a plasticy type of sound unlike the when youre using a nokia keypad its so smooth..please comment on this so that if its only me whos experiencing this i can change the handset to like for like as i am so happy with this phone...

  • mohammed

on your d600 wen u sending the messegge there is onother option "Save and send"

  • andrew

PLEASE HELP! when I try t move a picture (a JPEG file ) from the PC to the phone in the image file it's says "operation is not suported" and if i send it to "other files" the image is opened with the picsel viewer .... how do I send the images to the phone so they can be opened like a normal picture .... PLEASE HELD !

  • DL

Can any one please help? Just got the D600 and I enable the SIM Lock by mistake, thought it was to lock my SIM PIN but the SIM Lock feture allows the phone to work only with the current SIM card that's in the phone. Don't have the SIM lock code.

  • FL


Samsung D600: when I send a message it is not saved in the Sentbox. I find no options for it in Settings. Any idea? Thanks.

  • Lazzarini

hi.i have a samsung z140 now and i want 2 change it and get a d600.does anyone knows if it`s a good change or not?is it that good d600?i like how it looks but i don`t know about the features,camera or mp3 player.ciao.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to change the location of a number on the SIM to an other position, like for example if I want to change from position number 22 to position number 33. This function is available on Siemens and Motorola, and it used to be available on the Ericsson and Sonyericsson but never on the Nokias. By the way, and I think many of you know this, you can see the position of a number by keying the position number followed by #, for positon 22 for example 22#. This is very useful because it allows me to speed dial as many numbers as long as I remember their location on the sim. With this feature it doesn’t matter if I have the address book or the sim as the default phone book and it will also work with any handset.

  • Rogier

I've got a mp4 file, 8 mb, 10 minutes long, nice quality, but after 4 minutes, the sound goes on but the movie stops.
It's a little Spongebob movie, just to test it, fullscreen works fine, nice sounds quality 2, but on the phone it stops after around 4 minutes, while my pc can play the whole file..
Pleaz help what can I do to stop the falling fps to 0? However, I still love the d600 :)

  • JH

To Mackers: Well if you switch your handset off, the screen goes black. At far i know it don't have a standby when you switch your phone off. If the phone is on he auto switch to black screen, if you want to check missing calls, sms, e-mails you have to do with it. While you're busy you can press HASH ''#'' for SILENT.

  • Mackers

Cheers for the video info there JH - got my new handset yesterday after being a nokia freak for over 10 years now! Sooo glad I changed to this handset.
While I'm here, you may be able to help me too. When my phone is idle, the screen goes totally black as if the handset is switched off, bit annoying when I'm in and out of the office and have to unlock it to check for missed calls etc. How would I go about keeping it on a standby type mode to save having to do this? (hope this makes sense)

  • JH

To Lahgal: You just press 1 for full screen..

  • lahgal

Hi all, need your advice how do I enlarge the video to full screen?


i have a samsung d6oo,its a great phone but theres just 1 problem i'm having with it...when i try to download anything more than 1mb (one mega byte) from the internet or browser it says "too large content"...please can someone tell me what i should do to over come this problem...

  • Xin Lin

hi!! i'm from the Philippines and I am planning to buy a D600 this March or April and i was confused because as i was passing by a shop that sells mobile phones, i came by a brochure of the D600 and i was amazed that it had Camcorder and Video messaging(3GP) as one of its feature.. what's the difference between 3GP and 3G?? are they the same? and if so, why does this page say that D600 doesn't have a 3G?? and why is it not famous for its 3G(if it really has 3G as one of its feature)??

Thanks in advance.. :)