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  • Lola

Is the D600 compatible with only Samsung bluetooth headsets? If NO...can someone recommend a headset?

  • orange

To D600 owners:

First of all i really like this phone(design,features) but i hesitate to buy it because of some complaints and negative points on this phone.Is it true that this phone has software problems and short battery life as stated by some others?
(Is it decent/reliable?Let's say when i use it for only some phone calls and not for other functions how many days will go?)
(2)Can this phone use separately phonebook entries either on sim or phone's memory ,not both as a unity(double entries)?
(3)How good is this phone in: pictures quality,video recording(indoors/outdoors),voice clarity,mp3 player, etc?
(4)Viewing videos-pictures on TV are sufficiently clear or not?
(5)How long is the video recording on this phone?
(6)What are the major advantages-disadvantages using this phone?Is it user friendly or not?
(7)If you rate this phone what score would you give?

I would like to have your honest opinion for the above issues as your answers would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

  • EBAYer

This phone is wicked. The best phone i ever had. But its mad fragile. I put it in my pants with a zipper, and there is a HUGE crack in the screen.

Kinda sucks.

  • Anonymous

To the guy who said we were stupid for complaining about the phone book double entry .

Yes yes ,we know about the management tool in Phonebook , in the D600.It is simply not up to date with other similarly priced phones. Are Samsung just being obstinate ?

1. Nobody wants to have duplicate nos. on their contacts all the time.
2. Most phones these days- I have ever had anyway lately - and I have had Nokia 6230 ,SE P910i,N70,W900i all in the last 6 months( so TAKE NOTE : I am not some kid here posting some silly complaint either BTW ) - have the options of displaying Phone or Sim contacts .The D600 does not. You can ONLY ever have both contacts on your phone .UNLESS - you delete your Sim contacts to just display your phone contacts and you in their right minds wants that ? !

3.Most Sim cards only store 250 numbers and a name.
If you want to use the extra 5-7 fields in your address book and make use of the 1000 contact entry -you must enter contacts on Phone memory. The easiet way to do this is by copying Sim contacts to the Phone memory - doing this gives you duplicate contacts always showing on your screen.

You may say - one can use Samsung PC Studio and a USB cable ,etc but frankly the PC Suite is abit crap - it will take you a LOONG time to do this. What a waste .

The problem with just using phone memory to store contacts is- if your phone gives out on you - storing all contacts on Phone memory - you lose everything.

NB .

Just in case you think sending media from the D 600 to your computer is a breeze with the USB cable and the PC studio - it is not. 1 picture takes forever to be transferred .

Be aware too that reception quality and build quality on the whole with Samsung and other Korean makes are not as good as SE or Nokia.

Just because it is Quad band does not mean too much if your call quality is so poor. This is my experience with the D600.
If you need Quad band - get the Nokia 6270 slider or the RZR V3i .Both are not without problems but are significantly better quality in general than the D600 despite some of the rave reviews the D600 has had.

  • eeee

nice phone...

  • Pillsbury Doughboy

Is there a fast forward or a rewind button for mp3 player?? or is there only play, stop, and pause like my d500e.

  • Anonymous

i have the same thing with my D600 and it is really bugging me!!

  • Anonymous

Yes, this is normal

  • SK

I bought this phone yesterday, brand new..
and I am observing some strange problem withi this phone which I havent had with any other phone.
When I get a call, the the ringer starts out quiet (below the set up volume level) for a second and than picks up volume graduately. This happens with both factory midi, mp3 ringers. Is this normal with this phone? any of you having same problem?? Thanks.

  • phone_lover

i hear that people are saying that you can put videos for the phon wallpaper. what does this mean.

  • phone_lover

thanks for helping out it is a shame that d600 cannot play mp3 while doing something else.

  • kristie

shud do it in different colours or b able to get cases 4 it

  • Phabi

Some annoying problems in the Software.

The phone is nice and all, but I found a few annoying problems in the software that somewhat disappoint me.

Before this model I had an old SonyEricsson T68i and I was used to some features that I believed were basic, "natural" and available in any modern phone, so not founding them on my brand new D600 was quite disappointing.

This phone is a quad-band, but the first time I went from Europe to the US I had no network coverage for a while, until I figured out that I had to manually switch band from 900 to 800, while my previous phone did that automatically. The SE also adjusted to the timezone by itself, while I had to change the time setting manually.
Ok this is not a big issue, but still.

Next, I have several contacts with more than one phone number, for example for some friends of mine, I store the French mobile number, the Italian mobile number etc, as they switch simcard when they move from one country to the other.
So I went to Paris this week-end and was going to send an sms to the French cellphone of a friend whose primary number on my contacts whas the Italian one. Well, it was impossible, as I didn't find a way to select the other number as destination for my message. This was VERY disappointing.

Finally, I discovered another problem for this phone that I didn't have with the other one. I have a Vodafone sim, and when in France, the roaming partner is SFR, but my phone selected automatically the best carrier signalwise, so sometimes switching from SFR to Bouygues or Orange, basically losing the ability to receive/make calls so I had to select manually the network (my previous phone was able to automatically select the network partners when I put the same simcard).

I am afraid that I will find other similar problems as I continue using it (I bought it less than a couple of months ago).

Is there any chance of a software upgrade at a certain point ?

  • Anonymous

you dont need a case cartman, you only live once.. live a little, go commando! : )

  • Laila

I just bought Samsung D600... I love it but i tried to trf images from Nokia 3230 to D600 via blotooth, it says "unable/error". Can someone pls tell me why as i tried transferring fr nokia to motorola & had no problem doing so...

  • Cartman

Can some recommend a case for the D600? Right now I'm using an iPod mini sock. It SUX!

  • shirben

what if you dont have win 2000/xp. can u still insert the pc studio and will it work?

  • JH

To Phonelover: No you can't play MP3 while doing something else.

To Lyndon: To put your phone in silent-mode press # the hash-key.

  • phone_Lover

Hi there everyone i like your help all samsung d600 buyers can you tell me if you can play the mp3 player in the background whilst doing something else.


  • lyndon

Im so grateful to this company for creating this kind of mobile phone.Its great!Even the advertisement is fantastic and it seems a movie thriller.
But i have a query and please reply to me by mail: how do i put in silent mode in this model?Thank you very much!