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Samsung D600

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  • gwebber

a little disapointed. I put d600 & W800i in a head to head, and the sony won Hands Down! Proprietary headphone jack, so you are stuck with the original headphones. MP3 player, & movie player support very few file formats. very poor file manager for the memory card. TV out resolution is very poor, nothing to show off about!

  • ahmed kardosha

it very good phone it has avery good camera

  • Gaynor

To K, go into messages, then no 5 (settings) then no 1 (SMS) then you'll see no 2 is block number, enter the number you don't want calling you in there

  • JH

To Bethany: You can connect your phone via usb-port or bluetooth to the PC. Try to unistall the driver en reinstall it and don't connect the phone when the driver ''software'' is installed.

  • JH

To Mj, Yes correct!!!

  • JH

To Deck133: No you can't remove the time and date from the phone. It's just there.

  • bethany

how do you get mp3s on the phone ?
because i dont think i can install the driver thing properly, and the computer says that the phones connected, but the phone doesnt seem to think so, or something.
and i would reeeallly appreciate some help, please >??

  • col

had it a few weeks now and no probs, the only thing i had a prob with and still have is the instalation disc it just wont load on my pc, other than that its a very very very good phone

  • mj

hey please give me a hand,
the d500 has an infared and 1.3 mp cam
the d600 has no infared but a 2 mp cam is this right?? i dont c how they ould upgrade a fone but take stuff out of it im really confused could sum1 please email me or send back a reply on the opinions sight addresd to mj


  • ben

hi i have installed the software that came with this phone - i can transfer mp3's but not my own photos or videos from computer, why is this - it says format unsupported? is there any way around this please help.

  • K

How do you block someones telephone number on the handset - i.e not letting that telephone number get through?

  • ben

hi i have installed the software that came with this phone - i can transfer mp3's but not my own photos or videos from computer, why is this - it says format unsupported? is there any way around this please help.

  • coolFone

Ok people i got my D600 for a week probs whatsoeva until NOW....a while ago i tried to tansfer
a 20MB video file from my phone memory to the Memory Card and it didnt accept it!! the message was 'Memory Full' eventhough i emptied the memory card before the
transfer....a 10MB file transfers allright but the prob is with the bigger file if anybody
i mean anybody knows about this prob n knows how to fix it are welcomed to post their reviews..

  • decky133

hi can anyone help can you get the time and date off the screen of a d600 blocks he heads of my pics

  • Sm8

Suprisingly enough i am asking this question but i have had the phone since october and there is only one thing i can't solve, when i load mp4/3gp videos from the pc to the phone via the software i have found if the video file is long or larger or from a site or a program it sometimes freezes, i dont no y because the other videos i have got all are large file sizes but the ones i have downloaded all are shorter in overall length, is this the problem if so let me no and any sloutions u got, thanks. ps BRILLIANT PHONE WON 2005-06 awards beats n70 w800i and w810 is exactly the same just bigger.

  • steve

Just thanking Gaynor and Ali for their advice concearning the clock screensaver. Thanks guys!

  • JH

No you can't play your MP3's in the backgroud which it's a disavantage. The picture's only can be viewed on full screen when you took the photo, not when you stored it.

  • lotte

hi ali

thanks for the replay, i have send you an email about your question earlier.. did not know if it was ok to do it this way.. but anyway i know if you click the same button the picture zooms in, that the closed i got to zooming in.. and about putting the music on the background, i dont know, but if you do someday, please send me an email : )
good luck

  • ali

i dnt knw anythin bout the screen saver buh as far as the watch is concerend u can get it on the screen by pressing and holding down the volume keys whn the screen is totally blank(black)

  • lotte

ilike my new phone, but i got a question, does anybody know anything about a screensaver??
cause i would like to have a time on my phone, like a watch...
any help? thanks!