Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • steve

how do you get the time to show on the screensaver!!??!!??!!??!!??!!?!?!?!????!?!?!?

  • JH

And btw the phone can scratch easily, The finger-stopper the most. If you put it in your pocket, and you will get your phone you will defintly see some scratches in time. But yes nothing to do, Then handle it with care.

  • JH

To Tj: No you can't set the MP3's on an incoming SMS,MMS or E-mail.

  • chez

anyone know how to put games on the phone from pc, got around 25 java games but theres no way of putting them on phone, if i try putting them in the other files folder it wont open them, is there away of putting them into applications folder on phone??? cheers

  • Ahmad Sarji

to cynthia, can set your alarm tone to your own favourite midi and even mp3..

  • cynthia

does anyone know if the d600 lets you change the alarm signal to your own choice? the d500 didn't have that function and it was annoying having to wake up to the default tones.

  • tj

This is a great phone. Does anyone know if there's a way you can set an MP3 against an incoming SMS?

  • JH

Good phone after all, but they could give us a 512MB card too like the W800i. Then it was a complete phone! So we don't have to buy it when the W800i was more cheaper with a 512MB card lol you just don't understand them. Besides some missing Features.. a good phone.

  • 1234

kh: instead of
try and restart ur phone(turn it on and turn it off)

  • james

names james,
can someone who has this phone tell me how loud the speaker phone is? is it clear with the windows down driving? and isn't there a item you could buy to enhance the speakers too?? pleaseeee someone tell me how loud the speakers are and clarity is thanks!!

  • Cristi

Sunita: you need to edit the pictures with a samsung image editor at the exact same size of your gsm screen.

  • Jemadiah

the memory on this phone is very confusing. i dont understand the shard memory and the cards and stuff. about how much songs, pictures, and other things would i be able to hold on this phone?

  • kh

Does anyone know the settings for the browser I have this and it doesnt work
Profile-Cingular Wireless
HOME URL- http://device.home
Bearer- GPRS Only
Proxy IP
Proxy Port-8080
APN- wap.cinular

  • chris

hi does anyone know if it's possible to put music videos on this phone, if so could you please tell me how, thanks chris

  • Adrian Mckevin

belinda, try the photo "phone" resolution pic or make sure the resolution is higher than 800*600..for the zooming part, try the volume button at the side.. :) and im wondering here can i change the slider mechanism into a more durable one..for instance, the samsung e800 has a very solid slider..

  • ByeVas

Been using the fone for almost 2weeks, no problems, short batery life, but i am fine with this, after all I had an old old sony its batery lasted 5 days but it with the size of my foot :) The phone features are great.

  • keith hall

can anyone tell me how to play mp3 tracks that i have transfered from my pc,they show on the phone but with a warning sign in front which wont allow me to play them or when transfering them i get a message file not supported agghh!! please help.

  • Hennie

In the beginning it looks like a nice phone.
Then all your problems start, bad battery life, you cannot set it to ring and vibrate.

Go for software upgrades, but with no real changes.

A very dissapointing phone!!!

  • Awais

it is really a great fone but it has a lack of FM Radio.Thanx

  • Anonymous

could someone tell me how to setup my email on the d00?