Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • goddess

where can i download games for my d600 cellphone... those for free are better.. tnx.

  • JH

this phone is fine, but there are many usefull tools left out of this phone. and that sucks. samsung damn make a perfect phone with usefull tools.

  • boyan

hey there..just bought this phone and the sreen(display) is on(light) all the time during charging!,and when finish charging the screen is still on(not going in screen saver mod).is it ok or what?.....please reply

  • TNT

I'm looking forward buying a d600 when i saw it at a friend.His battery lasts about 4 days with easy usage.when listening to mp3 and using the camera "how much" is the question.It can last 1-2 days ,depends on user.i'm posting to find out if it's a charger problem or a battery problem.So please anyone who got the d600 can you please refer to the problem.Thanks

  • Phantom

TNT, how long does your battery last?

What about while listening 2 MP3's?

  • soroush

I have question. Because I'm gonna by this phone. Does it have theme display or no?

  • TNT

SARAH :cand you post in couple of days to refer to the battery.if the problem persists or it solved by itself?try to charge the phone using USB cable and then tell me how much the battery lasts after second and the third charge.Thanks.

  • **sarah**

only just bought my phone yesterday. charged it for 4 hours untill it was fully charged (this is what i was told to do by the shop i bought it in). well when i woke this morning the phone had turned it self of because the battery was so low, even tho it hadn't been used for approx 8 hours. i find this very strange considering the battery should last for upto 220 hours in standby, not just 8!

  • Eric in Singapore

Had the phone for 2 weeks now, got a great deal from Starhub Singapore, included a foto printer samsung S 2040 & Bluetooth connection dongle. Wow, great fone , but I wonder if you drop it: how sturdy. Im a Samsung convert now, looking to see what they coming have in 06. Advice: BUY IT NOW!.

  • Marid

Hello I want to buy this phone BUT i got a few question. Does it work with USB CABLE if not the how do you transfer music n stuff from computer? Does the sreen go blank like the D500? Thanks plz reply on

  • fernando

hey guys does this phone have speakerphone capability?

  • Anonymous

my freind craked his screen, can you get new covers?

  • !lilquestion?

hey guyz, me gen. just wanna ask you a quicky:
does this phone appeal more to guys or girlz?
if you could reply then your a *STAR*
thnx luv ya! -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

  • Pestoon

Can we "zoon-in" into downloaded JPG files??

Can we use Image Editor of this phone or
we must download an application for this??

  • !lilquestion?

Hey! u guys are great! i posted a question and your all so helpful, to tell me the awnser. I'm so glad that you can get the samsung d600 on pay as you go, even if it is cheaper on conract! LOL! but anyway, i think my friends been tricking me about not getting this phone, because she got the d500, and knows i'd be turned down if i could only get the d600 on contract! so there you go, she's been tricking me! but anyway, thnk u soooooo much your such a great help, and i'm getting the d600 any day now! -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

  • IAN, South Africa

I think this phone is a lovely phone, I love the size and quality of the screen. Can anyone tell me why I cant sms the details on "My name card" to any one?, the recepients only sees that there is mail but nothing on it

  • ALI

i have got my new d600, any one can tell me output tv,, how it works


  • Chris

I got dust in my display there anyway that u can open the display ?

  • A.R.Simpson

I like the phone,although i have sent two back with battery probs!About a day on standby!This one lasted 9days on standby,but when used last about 1-2days.
Another anoying problem i have just noticed is that dust is getting under the screen.How do you clean it?

  • khris

does anyone know where i can download free games for D600? thnx!