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  • Nicolas

I'm surprise , because the D600 is not EDGE, I asked the question to the Samsung company in belgium , and I was surprise!!!
I work for an operator (Mobistar) and we lunched the EDGE on our netw. but after the test the speed was slow. plaese be carfull of your comments , I buy the d600 for The EDGE (464)
(because I use the GPRS a lot for my job )an that after my visit on your website (I use it al lot for the refrences about GSM like a bible)
but your comments about the GPRS:EDGEis completly rong for the D600 , and I spend my money for nothing .
but all of the feature are verry good.
sorry for my English, I m Belgian ( French language)
Best Regards

  • Carlo

first of al i have the phone now for 1 week and no battery problems, camera is great i love this camera.

But i am suprised what people want from a mobile phone, seems they want the whole package for a cheap price.

1. if you want good pictures then buy a Nikon D70 or a Canon

2. if you want good Mp3 music then buy an oficial MP3 player.

i mean its a phone with extra futures on, don't forget that but it stays a mobile phone, i guess thats why people are buying it for.

but for me no problem i love this D600

  • Jane

i just got this phone i thought my previous phone was amzing but this is somthign else there is nothing else you could ask for with a mobile!

  • 1234

Wow.. how sad... this is wat i get for getting one of the first D600. I dont have voice dailing

  • Anonymous

this is a great phone

  • hui-yi

can ani1 tell me if tis phone's mp3 songs can be use as message ringtone? thanks you...

  • SHAF

This phone is slower than the D500...awesome video/pic quality thoug.

Now can someone answer there anyway of re-sizing images to fit with the dimension of the phone, when using them as a wallpaper? It is annoying because if the image does not fit, you get a white background (unlike the D500)...thanks

  • Sammy

voice dialing: go to --> menu --> applications --> voice commands

  • Sammy

There are many apps for storing info on WWW.GETJAR.COM which run as "applications" on the phone.

  • samparas

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  • thea

this is the best phone when your looking to have fun and do business at the same time. who says that you cant have fun with work. with a great internal memory and a memory card you can enlarge up to 512 mb it a star when it comes to mp3's. it has great photos to remember your moments and has this coulourd screen to die for. you go samsung this really is a winner!!!!!

  • Shane

Hi Guys,

First off I love this phone. Best buy I ever made. But does this phone have some sort of wallet or secure storing place for credit card detials etc, like the Nokias do?
I really need this features, but cant seem to find it!
Any help would be great.

  • Boka

today i buy this phone and very happy ;)

  • Anonymous

now...i'm confused, does the d600 come with voice dialing feature or not ?????? some people say it's supported, some say its not supported. the manual also does mention anything about voice dialing.

can someone help us on this confusion ???

  • Raspa

sampras: I had the same problem too... about the java games not identified... I realised that you can only download via wap and the game will automatically be installed... ithink thatas what they ment when the say Game: 3 + downloadable...


Ok guyz im back with another longgggg Review on this Phone because this time I ACTUALLY HAVE IT NOW. SO i can make a more precise review on it. Also I can answer a lot of teh questions some of you have here.

First of all, for a user like me who switches to different fones every now and then like they're shoes, I would say this phone is one magnificent piece of art once you get use to it. Lets start off talking about different parts of teh phone shall we?

The design of this phone is one of the best I've ever seen. The phone is not too thick, too heavy, too long nor too short. To compare it to the D500 this phone is more suitable for guys. The D500 were shorter, thicker and look like a CUTE little phones that all the ladies would love to get their hands on. This phone, however, attracts both guys and gals because of the sleek elegant look with a thinner body and a slightly longer body as well. The sliding on the phone has gotten more sensitive and the bigger screen give the phone a very exotic look. The phone is very flashy along with the bigger keypad. The screen alone produced nice images with outstanding colors. The fone on the back have a rubber liek material that protect teh fone qutie well but that doesnt mean you can toss it around like a bowling ball. The Screen can be scratch but not that easy, it takes a lot to scratch the d600 screen. But if i were you i would be a little careful, who knows accidents occur. The front is made of a extremely durable shiny black coated plastic along with darlk silver bottom. Very sleek and nice combination of colors.

The phone have so many amazing features on it that most of the other fones don't have. Samsung once again return to the market with the 2MP camera. It takes awsome pictures and the flash does a pretty decent job in the dark. The video recording has gotten much much smoother than b4 and so is the 4x zoom. The mp3 sounds a lot better now and the picture look even better than ever b4. Although samsung got all these crazy fones with 7-8MP but just to remind most of you that those fones are not available here in the US, even though you get your hand on one of them im sure they wont work with the US network anyways ahaha. So this fone is one of the tip top mobile out there. The Voice Dialer is still same as b4, not much harder and not much easier to use. The photo caller ID came back once again. The Bluetooth faeture is now improved to a newer version with faster transfer rates. The Fone is quadband for god sake, most of the other phones are only triband. The phone can automatically set up itself to recieve foreign networks so you dont need to fix anything in your d600 when you travel to other countries. The speakers has gotten better with dual speakers 64 channel and 3d sounds.The memory is expandable so buy a bigger memory card if you got the cash to pay for it. It can get as big as you can afford. The setting are very easy to use. The fones also support lots of files almost like a pda. It can read words, powerpoint, text files, java encoded. blah blah blah along with the old features already came with the D500 but on the D600 it's improved.

Very nice performance, I get a lot of signal from this fone even in a very very sick locations taht most other fone would give out on you. The battery can sometime be a pain but it's depend on hwo you use it. If you constantly listening to music then for goodness sake it will die out early on you. But if you only do that once in a while or listen to several songs a day then the fone is FINE. IT'S A FONE, not meant for mp3 player, it's not an IPOD hehe. The ways the fone works is very comfrtable for the users so you can get use to this fone in less than a day or two.


1) This phone does have voice dialer and it's a pretty decent one so for most of you who are comlainin i have no idea why. If you have the same tone of voice everytime you used it then it's no problem. Don't change your voice around or talk in different conditions and expect teh phone to recognized you.

2) This phone have an expandable Memory card slot so you can upgrade it to 128, 256, 512 what so ever. Depend on what you want to use it for. So the internal memory is about 64mb i believed. This phone is very expandable so have fun with it, there isn't a lot of phones out there that have a card slot.

3) Those of you have have issue with the phonebook such as putting 1+ area code along with the rest of the digits for every persons on your contact list here is teh reason why: This phone is an import, and that's mean this fone can be use anywhere (You can tell it's an imported fone because the day and months in teh fone is backward, It's using ASIA format DD/MM/YY instead of US format like MM/DD/YY) GOT THAT?. Therefore the number have to be inputed that way in order for it to recognize the area code differences along with every other locations. You can type all your phonebook entries on the computer and add it into your fones so it shoudl be fast anyways, you dont have to sit there and punch it on the keypad so that's a good side of it right? Just to let you know when you travel to other places and use difference SIM card with a different area code, YOU WILL appreciate that fact that you put in the area code for the fonebook contacts because without those area codes your phonebook is USELESS because you have to dial the 1 +the area code right? You understand this process right?

4) Some people are looking for video encoding software that can fit movies onto the phones right? YOu can try a software call 3GP or softwares from Xilisoft. Those aren't so bad. They convert all types of video files into MPEG4 and MP3. Then you can add it into the phone and that should work.

5) Someone had a question regarding a software taht searches for the best connection of the phone right? There was a existing software call LineScan, or BandScan. Either if these can be use but they are hard to find so it will be a pain, goodluck with it.

6) Some people dislike the fact that the D600 vibrate b4 the ringtone actually rang and there is a reason for this. The vibration occured first because with the NOKIA and the SONY the fone rang and vibrate at the SAME time causing the ringtone to vibrate producing undecent sound quality that is why they had to do this. Would you rather have the d600 features or having a ringtone that sound distort everytime it rang not to mention the vibration sound as well.

  • roy

i have to say that this phone has caught my attention before it was released. the camera when view the specs is great. one thing bothers me though. what is the maximum memory that phone can take?

  • Dilraj Thind

A friend of mine has an application for this phone where you can put in a route you want to take on the Tube and it comes up with the quickest route. Any ideas what this is and where I can get it? My friend has gone away for ages and I can't get in touch with him

  • Emil

It is possible to see the pictures in full screen mode?This phone will be PERFECT with
autofocus and Operating Sistem.

  • xzx

guys, i don't understand you. why do you have so many problems with that phone? it's so easy to use. if you can't fix your problems yourself then stop buying samsung phones.