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Samsung D600

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  • fernando

Can anyone please help
when setting wallpaper from downloaded images the image is small does anyone know how to set it to full screen

  • Iaan

Samsung D600, I'v connected the phone and pc via usb cable, but are still unable to transfer files. Is there a setting on the phone that i have to change? cant find it if there is.

Right-bottom cornet of the file management window says "not connected"...doesnt connect..

plz help

  • shashikumar

hey guys.pls help me.
every one is saying the w800 mp3 quality is better than D600.i want to know how u all determine the quality from the speakers or from the head phone.
i want to know which one's speaker is better.
because i dont use the headphones much.

  • Anonymous

The most stylish phones i have ever seen are by far Samsung D600 and Nokia 8910.

  • orange


There is NO conversation recording and that's a shame for such a great phone.
For those who have D600 i would like to know how is the video quality in general indoors/outdoors and how viewing them on TV?
On TV can you see them clear or just blur.When you record a video is it fast or slow(hang on to something)?

  • val

yeah i do, theres a program you can use that i can send to you, had the same problem with my SE S710a. oh and hey by the way, is there a conversation recorder on the D600. can you check that out for me?

  • Barrie

I have recently got the samsung d600 and I always use delivery reports on my text messages, but I can't get delivery reports to work on this phone, does anyone know how to set this up? As it already is on Yes for delivery reports, and still not working.

When I receive videos or wallpapers via bluetooth, I can't get them to fit the whole screen, they come up on the screen small. does anyone know how to change the size to fit screen.

  • Anonymous

I have finally got my samsung d600. But I still cannot find the button for a underline. Does anyone know which button for a underline?

  • val

i was wondering if this phone has a conversation recorder, i know it has a sound recorder, so does my D500 but you can't record conversations. i would appreciate some feedback, thanks.

  • val

to kenny, this phone is all over ebay

  • sandra

Just got the D600 but I'm having probs with it. I've downloaded a music video from my PC to the phone and after watching it for like 20-30 sec it just stops. It's an MP4 file so why is it doing this? Please help!!

  • JoyceC

Anyone know what program i can use to flash the firmware? Thanks muchie.

  • chris roe

i have one of these and have done so for about a week now. The video quality is about the same as a samsung e720. It is much better
than most mobiles out there but the mp4 files can be quite large for recordings over 3mins. For more mobile info check out my site at

  • hot

to owenofj,

Do not be pissed off by not customizing your sms tone, alot of us like the way samsung organize thier sms tone because that is the samsung way, and i know samsung do not want to follow the pattern of other manufacturers because most manufacturer has the same features, making them without identity. So samsung is unique and get yourself another phone from another brand to show off.

I think samsung is rational and humble enough not to customize the sms phone tone, in order to identify the sms tone from the ringtone, besides it is a sms and a beep would do basically, not sacrificing the battery.I guess samsung has a feature that alerts the user periodically whenever the sms is not read and you can set the alert tone for SMS, MMS and BROADCAST messages tones separately, each has a dedicated alert tones. Whatelse would you want more, maybe you are more on sms than a call, that is why you like to put your ringtones to your sms alert functions.

Many of us also want the vibrate then ringtone begins for our phones, and why other manufacturers cannot create those function.

  • owenofj

Dammit, doesn't work, go to the samsung fun club and mail them from there, stupid link, grrrr

  • owenofj

Isn't it annoying that you can't customise the sms tone on this otherwise BRILLIANT phone?!

I've just e-mailed Samsung asking them to sort it out, but probably won't get anywhere, so everyone, join me in nagging them to sort out this irritation...­sp/sendmail/faqs_sendmail.jsp

power to the phone people!!!

  • Moggy

The only other phones with 353 x 288 are the E720 and the E530 so far! This is a good phone, but does anyone know if we are actually getting the D600e. In the UK we have loads of D600's about but orange are advertising the D600e, is it definitely the edge technology one?

  • wglobes

to SE supporter:

Yes, indeed I know how to use it (since i own one). My focus here is that the built quality and durability deficiency is the only drawback of the W800i.

Damn, should be out by next week, the D600. I already bought a 512 mb transflash memory card for my anticipation. Although a lot of people claim that micro-sd's are unpopular and expensive, but think about it, it's half the size of SIM card and it seems pretty tangible.

  • wglobes

Paul, I totally agree with you.

I'm a W800i user, I've been using it for past 3 months. I started to notice that my connector jack WIGGLES causing it to loose sound qualities of MP3's, consequently turning the stereo sound to -> mono quality. And the fact that video quality is CRAPPY I don't even use it, not a tinge of it. There's no point of video for this phone, they should've dropped it out.

Secondly, MPEG4 PLAYBACKS! This is big concern! I use Imtoo & Mpegable video converters, I usually trim the original clips from AVI & MPEG formats to 176x144 and 144 kbps and 25p/s mpeg4 formats. When I play it in my phone, the first few seconds seems smooth, then suddenly it lags and the audio gets discorded. If i play it fullscreen (despite the fact W800i is embarked with 176x220, the clip converted to fit its remote screen is virtually impossible) the resolution is CRAPPY.

W800i, call/voice clarity sucks except when you use the standard headsets using the microphone receptor located next to 3.5mm jack.

In addition, viewing jpeg and gif files through phone is a menace. It friggin' lags when you open the file and play it back.

Finally, after frequent use of camera (I really have no loathes toward it) I found it difficult to snap pictures in right time. When I press the shutter half way down, it doesn't even focus. I should press atleast 2/3 down it order to get it focused, then when I press the shutter button all the way down, the rectangular parameter suddenly disappears, then appears again and snaps picture no even when the appartur is fully focused.

I'm planning to trade-in my W800i to get a D600. Hopefully though, maybe few weeks later.


Why am in canada and i just get a 1 gig card for 90 bucks alot more space then i can use tell i have my mp3s in there thats when it usess up alot