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  • PowerGames need a Sim Update off your network provider if the the phone is a GSM phone,which aint tied to any get a simupdate just spaek to an operator of your network provider..aand they'll send a txt saying simupdate.simple...

  • cc

i cant get any picture txt through on my phone does anyone know why

  • PowerGames

Hey just wondering..i want a d600 real mum loves it...but..does anybody think this will be as popular ad the d500 in a matter of time? i dont want a common phone! any suggestions guys?

  • Harshaan Wickramasin

For a propper review I suggest you check this link­-en.shtml

  • 1234

This is wat i did.. i dont really use this feature.. but im just experimenting wat you are trying to do since i keep everyones number on my sim so i can switch phones when needed.

1)I copyed the numbers to the phone.
2)went to menu->1 phonebook->4 group-> friends->options->add
3)selected and add all the numbers on the phone
4)with the numbers in the group i can assign a specific ring tone and video caller ID.

I didnt get any errors doing this wat so ever.

you have TG001.06 software version right? cause thats what I have.

If my method dosent help, tell me your steps in adding when adding to your groups.

My other theory could be that there is a limit to the amount of entries per group since i only added like 2 numbers. But that would be stupid if it was true.

  • Vicente

Thanks 1234, why is my phone having problems with the groups. I do not understand. I have everything in the phone, not the sim. I got to a friend, set it up in the contact group, I put it under friend. When I go to menu, phonebook/groups, it says 49 error. 48 not assigned.
I can not comprenhend, I have done everything possible, now I deleted all, so It only shows 49 contacts unassigned.
It seem it is the only thing that does not work, so I am just going to ignore it. Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance

  • 1234

Minor upgrades.. i think the t-flash is one major upgrade that makes it better than D500. But this phone is disappointing because like someone said we are paying for a new phone that should have came out about 2-3 months ago.

Vicente: I havent found any firmware updates, but ill give it a month for someone to make one or develop one. Interesting that your groups doesnt work, mine works perfectly as long as the numbers are stored on the phone instead of the sim card.

hope this helps

  • Anonymous

its exactly like the d500 with minor upgrades

  • Amanda

Is the software only can be download with Windows XP? what about other Windows ME or 2000?

  • Vicente

Luckily I have the better software version. Does anyone know if there is a software firmware update. Or is it coming soon. My groups in the contact section is not working.
Thanks 1234

  • 1234

Awww booo... max per album/playlist is 30 and max album/playlist is 4.. but you can keep as many songs as you want on the card or phone. bleh... dosent affect me though.. only need a couple songs.

  • boom

David Lancaster thx very much phone now able to connect to PC as you advised.briliant.

  • 1234

David Lancaster: Are you putting this on the phone or on the card.. cause the phone only has 80 mb or something. so assuming 5 mb per song x 17 = 85 mb. Cause i have 28 songs on my phone. havent tried over 30.. ill try that now...

  • 1234

to check your version


then you get your software version number
TG001.01 = bad where people said it restarts for no apparent reason
TG001.06 = better (assuming they will make new ones)

*#2222# to check the hardware version
*#1234# for something else

  • Vicente

How do I know if I have one of the defective ones. 1234 What does all this mean? How do I check which version I have?

Ooops thats the unit that DOSENT have the problem.. the *#1111# TG001.06

the one that does is the
*#1111# TG001.01

  • David Lancaster

I have only been able to download 17 MP3 songs onto my D600 and it says it is full.

Is this right or am I missing something?

The phone lists four albums with 30 potential spaces in each but I can't get near to that any ideas, thanks

  • David Lancaster

I had problems getting my PC to connect to the phone and what I found is that if you follow the manufactures instructions to the letter it simply doesn't work.

This what I did and now I have no problem.

1. Install the Samsung PC Studio 3 software and ignore the Winows Logo compliance warnings, they come up at least twice.

2. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable

3. You may get some prompts, I got 2 asking me to place the driver disk into the CD drive which I did and I think it downloaded the USB files twice (don't ask me why)

4. You should now get a message just above your taskbar telling you that the phone is recognised

5. Leaving the phone connected click on the Samsung PC Studio 3 Icon on your desktop to open the window

6. Click once (LMB) on the Managing Files Icon to open up another window. Look at the bottom left hand corner of the window where it says 'not connected,

7. Go to the File drop down menu and select 'connect' your phone should then connect to your PC

Hope this helps, it worked for me and now I am happy instead of being annoyed.

Samsung were no help either

Good Luck

  • JennyL

hey everyone, just got my new samsung d600 today and absoloutely love it, apart from one thing,
when i shut the phone and it goes on standby the screen goes blank as if its off and doesnt show the clock, signal, battery etc. ive read a previous entry on here which says u need to hold down the volume buttons. does this keep the clock on all the time or only when u press the buttons? cos id like the clock to be on all the time in standby (like a screensaver). if anyone can help then please do, will be v helpful!

  • boom

PLEASE!!!!please how to connect to PC via cable? someone please help it,s makin me screamm

  • 1234

jess do it : some people are reporting that their unit crashes, hangs, stalls, or autorestarts. I myself havent experienced this with my unit, but its just what i've been hearing from people. If you do get a bad unit, just return it since its a manufacture's problem and not yours.