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Samsung D600

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  • Joe (London UK)

This phone is Great! TV output feature is so cool, its like a mini camcorder, great camers as well. I got the charger, USB cable, headet and a 256mb T-Flash card in my box, Plus its open to all networks, not bad for free!!, great phone i would tell anyone to buy phone, well made also

  • Alan

I got the D600 on Tuesday from O2.I think the camera and the zoom on it as well is not as good as the Ericsson K750.Is anybody having problems with the software supplied by Samsung?.Tried to install it and got a message stating if i continued to install the software it will corrupt my computer now or in the future.Also how do you download mp3s or music from windows media player from the computer as i have tried and get a message saying files are not compatible even though the phone is supposed to suport it.There's also the ringtones,i have 15 normal ringtones which aren't that good and get 30 for setting the alarm which are lot bettter,is it just my phone or is anybody else the same?.D600 is a nice phone but may be considering going for the sony ericcson K750 or the newer W800.As for the last of going for the sony ericcson idea does anybody know if you can use the mp3 tones as ringtones as you can with the D600?

  • Danielle

Im with vodafone and I got a charger (obviously!), a usb cable, headfones, manual booklet, cd and wrist strap

I had to buy my memory card seperatly but picked a 128mb one up for 12

  • juan


You don't get a memory card in the box and nothing to sync the phone with, hence why I am looking for a cheap USB cable. You do get the tv lead though

  • Christian

hi i am waiting for my fone as a upgrade from vodafone, i am puzzeled do you get a memory card with the fone or do you hav to but it seperately please let me know thanks also would be nice to know what comes in the box !

  • juan

I only get tv cable and headphones as extras. Apparently Vodafone dont supply USB cable with their D600's

  • matthew

what do you actually get in the box with the phone

  • juan

Hey ppl,

Can anyone tell me where I can find a cheap USB cable for the D600 on the net (UK) since Bluetooth is soooooo slow!

  • Dazzy B

Have been waitin for this on 02 for about a month now, i ordered a new contract on 200 mins 500 texts 20 a month, am a low user anyway so they said the d600 would be 120, got that knocked down to 70, ordered wednesday, was told 7-10 days and woke up with dhl on my door yesterday! is a wicked phone, love charging it whilst on my laptop and sending messages thru my PC as well. now just about to order a transflash card!

  • danieleantonio

Can you use your own downloaded ringtones on the d600 as a message tone because you couldnt do this on the d500 ?

  • jordan

samsung D500 in my opinion was one of the best phones of the last year, ive now had it a year and i still love the phone, i cant wait for the D600 i know its goin to be BIG. plus with the memory card slot, wow! i think that was the only thing that i didnt like with the D500!

  • will

Im using a program called "total video converter" which is a very easy program that converts any video format into an mpeg4 video which is the file format that the d600 supports. then just use the pc suit to move the video to ur phone


This award, the year after the Samsung D500 got the GSM phone of the year last year.

Are you listening K750 buyers????

  • Anonymous

Mobile Choice Awards: Samsung wins Phone of the Year
heres the link­.html


  • 1234

Wow just saw this.. its like D600 + Razr­urce=HOMETOP

  • 1234

Yes sadly they eliminated it... =( unless theres a firmware fix or some setting i cant find after a week...

The only reason i find why they cut out the clock is to save power.

I thought i placed the link for W850 discussion. well here it is:­topic,3298.msg16217.html

  • podge

Can someone tell me once and for all - is there definitely no longer a clock on the dissplay when the phone is closed and in standby mode (like on the D500)? - why would Samsung eliminate this function? it doesn't make any sense!

  • dave

any problems with bluetooth conections are usually down to the installation. especially on windows xp with service pack 2 installed. you have to manually install the driver when loading with the disk, ie browse for it, not let it automatically find the driver. and the program free for converting movies to 3gp is called mpegable x4 by dicas search on google for it , its free and a guide to its use­1850&start=45

  • 1234

Forgot to mention.. If you are having trouble deciding between D600 and K750i/W800

The bottom line,
D600 for business users, reason:
-TV out for presentations
-piscel program to read powerpoint files, pdf, word, excel.

K750i/W800 for casual users, reason:
-Dedicated sound system
-Better point and shoot camera

If you want a slider or something similar to k750i/W800 with something that covers the keypad wait for the SE W850.

  • 1234

Software is pretty easy, just drag and click.

My package came with manual, in french >=( . USB cable
2 earbud-mic wired headset
software/usb driver cd
TV out cable(red, yellow, white)

Problems that samsung could have improved
-Autofocus which it lacks(thus main reason why k750i has a better camera)
-playing music in the background
-screen saver that shows the clock(its just black, i guess saves the battery)
-Flash light feature( my e715 had it, this dosent, soo sad)
-if you drop the phone the connectors on the transflash card and the phone could disconnect. Then you could lose all the playlists that contain songs from the card.
-I felt the 3d sound was kinda stupid, all it basically does is echo the sound to make it seem like its 3d.

Problems that it has but dosent affect me
-mms custom ring tone

Great points the phone made
-including the file readers is a plus
i keep a manual on the phone for reference, a list birthdays that i should keep track of
-tv out which could use for presentations on the job -slide function to hide the keyboard (though this isnt innovative now)<­br> -In my opinion the sound is pretty nice and loud. I dont expect my phone to be used as the main sound system in clubs. hahaha.