Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • lookolook

Does anyone know if the Samsung D600 comes with an external loudspeaker? (similar to the soundmate of the D500)


  • Sean o2

Very Good English Madison

  • daniel

I have been waiting for this phone now since sep 4th when my upgrade was due and man has it been drawn out!!! I spoke to o2 cs today and they said 17 oct. phones 4 u said this week and the link said friday morning's delivery. We shall see!! Anyway Im having a bit of a dilema as I would quite like the n70 or w800 also anyone have any advice??

  • Sean o2

o2 are bring out new tariffs on friday, excellent tariffs!!! 1000 mins and 150 texts for 35!!

  • gazxxxx

just checked my emails, i got this one from

Dear Gary,

The following product has arrived in stock today:

Sim Free Samsung D600 Mobile Phone­ng_SGH_D600_Mobile_Phone.aspx

Thank you for your interest.

  • gazxxxx

keep off, its a con. when you buy the phone, another 5 people have to buy it for you to get yours, i was tempted until i read the terms and conditions.

  • Hannah Budge

This may be some help for all those looking to get your hands on a samsung d600. It is available on the following websites: on o2 and on vodafone contract
Both from free I think
Good luck

  • Insider

The phones may have left the factories way back in the summer but they need testing for compatibility on each network.

O2 had problems with the Nokia 6230i and this was held up. Even sim free phones will be checked before shops stock them.

Its not worth guessing on dates as this is what EVERYONE on this forum for the past 2 months has been doing.

All the phone companies are in the dark and their defence is 'its expected some time next week(s) etc'

If you have an upgrade coming up you are aloud to let it run over if you want to wait for a specific phone.

Lets all hold hands and pray.

  • TheOne&OnlyDazz

ur rite david nothin comfirmed n e ware

  • david

The D600 isn't even on the coming soon page either on o2 :S

  • TheOne&OnlyDazz

sorry didnt finish that last one (server problems) trying to say that vodafone does not show the d600 online (it dosnt even appear on coming soon!)

  • TheOne&OnlyDazz

sorry Laura Forrester we do not have the d600 on contract here at o2 yet and nothing is confirmed, I also checked vodafone online and

  • david

Have just rang o2 and they said they won't have this phone until a few weeks! :(

  • Hyun-Tae Choi

Anyone know if actually works?

they've got D600 for 100 pounds!!!!!!

I'm a bit skeptical I have to say!

  • tyge

does anyone know if it has the same lcd resolution ar d500?

  • Spiritualized

Nowhere has this phone in stock, this is from a shop that said they were getting them on the 29th:

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately it does seem that the release has been delayed by the networks.

We do not have any exact dates for the release at the moment.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

  • Krit

Ordered mine last night on O2 from the following location :-­30-471-Phones.ihtml

  • "Richard Jones"

we will have them in stock on moon 3 October 340 + Vat.

  • Mpumza

Last week i check the site (like i've been faithfully checking for the past 2months)and i come across Mandi's comment- the d600 is out in South Africa. So today i go to my service provide (just to see the phone- i upgrade in a month)and outside there is a big board advertising the phone on contract (R135 per month i.e. aprox 15quid) and i go inside with this grin on my face. AND CAN ANYONE GUESS WHAT THEY SAID? GIGHT THE FIRST TIME...THE DATES HAVE BEEN CHANGED...AGAIN.I really wish i did not like this phone as much as i do- then i could just say- stuff it!

  • Peter Catterall

just had an email from vodaphone confirming that they will have the phone avaliable from septemeber 30th!!!!