Samsung D700

Samsung D700

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  • DaiWood

first s60 phone.

  • Obama

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2008this phone iss soo ugly!! who wood eva buy thsi!! if u hav ... moreLive with it !!

  • Obama

LOOK !! this phone in its time, it was great,, but technology advances, so, of course the phones from today will be better than the ones before,, so stop criticizing these phones/// learn to live with it// GROW UP !!!

  • ben

lovin' it

  • Heidi

The worst mobile i've ever purchased. Defective product put on shelves and clear that quality was not a factor when laying the ground work for this design. Pro: Its good looks Con: Its good looks. Within 3 weeks the face starts peeling, due to sensor senitivity your mobile refuses to end a call despite several 'presses' on the hang up button, it dials out, takes pictures and sends blank smses, and you have absolutely no knowledge of these activities, till calls are returned and questioning smses. Lets just say this is the end of the road for my Samsung purchases!!!!

  • Anonymous

this phone iss soo ugly!! who wood eva buy thsi!! if u hav then u r mad.!!!


i think it kicks ass

  • Anonymous

lol this phone is no crap dont get it its ugly?!?!?!?! what were samsung thinking

  • Anthoney

can this phone work in Jamaica?

  • sun

relax dude, it's canceled

  • Raz

OMG this is the most ugliest samsung i've ever seen! WTF have they done eeeeeeeeeew outs me off samsung!

  • opal

If anyone saying that this is bad, ugly phone.Do you even know this phone IS THE SMALLEST SYMBIAN PHONE. forget all those bulky one, this is just right.

  • kat

i think that this phone isnt nice 1 bit i pefur the slide ones but this phone eww nasty

  • Ricus

A D700 is the most uglyest the D500 and rhe D600 is MUCH BETTER, but the D700 has good features

  • mems

I can not believe what a dissapointment this thing is. My friend has the d600 and that phone is fantastic, it has everthing you need and it looks good. I wanted to buy it, but when I heard the d700 was out, I figured it would be smarter to get that one, I thought that the d700 would be even better, but well... its not. Its ugly and it doesnt have that much extra features than the d600. I dont get why they changed the design, its such a shame. I hope they'll soon realize the mistake and make a nicer looking d800

  • max

D700 is realli ugly and its been scrappd neway, D500 is alrite but its camera needs work. iv got a d600 an its defin8ly 1 of da best fones around

  • Anonymous

I think the d700 may not be the best looking mobile in the samsung range but it has a lot of good features.

  • xxsazxx

that is one ugly phone and noones will want i! I have a D500 and it's much bettaer than the D600 bcoz that's ugly 2 but not as ugly as dis!!!!!!

  • Omar Farooq

this D700 is rubbish there is nuthing but rubbish i suggest the d600 is the best phone believe me
its lovely and nyc

  • tim Mooring

To be honest, lets face it, the d700 is ugly.It may have outstanding features but whos going to buy a phone thats ugly. The public prefer the d500's and d600's desighn-very good looking; and by this recent styling effort they probably always will.