Samsung D820

Samsung D820

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  • Anonymous
  • rsG
  • 05 Oct 2019

smartang, 10 Jul 2011can i download a chat application lyk nimbuzz, ebuddy or mx... moreYes

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    • rsG
    • 05 Oct 2019

    Best selfie cam from 2005


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      • Anonymous
      • 0pp
      • 28 Dec 2013

      I remember that one)

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        • smartang
        • NaK
        • 10 Jul 2011

        can i download a chat application lyk nimbuzz, ebuddy or mxit on my samsung d820

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          • susa
          • vG4
          • 03 May 2011

          zika gondwe, 28 Dec 2010The problem with samsung d 820 is that every time i inset a... moreit's not problem. you do not use card for two days. then it will be solve.

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            • Ungibbed
            • bfR
            • 17 Apr 2011

            Anonymous, 27 Dec 2010got 1 question? can i used my samsung d820 on facebook? so ... moreIt has a WAP browser, I don't see why not.

            I had the T-Mobile version of this phone long ago and I actually miss it due to it's small compact size and it really had an amazing screen. For those having issues with MicroSD (transflash) cards, the max the phone could handle was 1GB. You could put more music on the card than the phones music player could handle as it could only address 120 songs via playlists. Otherwise you would have to make new playlists to accommodate different songs.

            I still feel this is one of the best classic phones and the fact that it wasn't a RAZR. The rotating camera was a great feature and it actually captured decent video (better than my much higher priced BlackBerry 83xx series that followed it.

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              • paul
              • P@d
              • 14 Apr 2011

              ive got this fone back in college the picture is stunning

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                • zika gondwe
                • fu%
                • 28 Dec 2010

                retogno, 08 Apr 2010I have 1GB working correctly, I think 2GB is the maximum, b... moreThe problem with samsung d 820 is that every time i inset a memory it gives me an option to foramart the card but when i try to do that it says error i dont know wat to do to this phone

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                  • Anonymous
                  • t7C
                  • 27 Dec 2010

                  got 1 question? can i used my samsung d820 on facebook? so that i can easily post my shots or video?

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                    • JC
                    • f0n
                    • 30 Oct 2010

                    I would say that this phone is nice. I got it as a mini-christmas present(is was around may) The problem is when i slide the phone down, 3 buttons dont work(ok,c,back button).what is the problem and what can i do?

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                      • airedale
                      • PBR
                      • 26 Jul 2010

                      hey, i put 64mb card on my d820 but d phone ask to format, and when i format it was error. When I try to put the memory on my n85, d memory was corrupted. Then, i put a 2gb card that still works but the phone still asking 2 format. Sorry for my bad english

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                        • retogno
                        • P1@
                        • 08 Apr 2010

                        razvan, 10 Mar 2010what's the maximum microSD memory it can handle?I have 1GB working correctly, I think 2GB is the maximum, but maybe it depends on firmware (it's not a very new phone, after all).

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                          • razvan
                          • p3h
                          • 10 Mar 2010

                          what's the maximum microSD memory it can handle?

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                            • popi
                            • Nhf
                            • 26 Feb 2010

                            I had the fone 4 a year now i love it 2 bits but i just cant stand the loud keypads seriously other than that the fone is fantastic love it!!!!

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                              • Moubie
                              • f39
                              • 07 Feb 2010

                              i realy hate dis phne 4 2 reason on... it dnt allow file access an it also dnt support most softwares you tryin 2 download..

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                                • lildevil
                                • NhX
                                • 26 Jan 2010

                                I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!!! my husband had it for 2 years and it worked great then i got it and it still works the ribbon is just broken and needs to be fixed otherwise the best phone i have ever ever had i wish i could get another just for a spare,i strongly advise anyone to get this phone if they can get hold of one second hand.

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                                  • Carmen M.
                                  • jSd
                                  • 24 Jan 2010

                                  I also purchsed this phone some time ago ,and I have to say what a great phone.I accidently dropped it in water twice ,lol the first tim I got lucky and it was still working but the second time was it ,no more. Luckily I found it at SuperRey's Exotice for a great price , here is the link :
                                  Check them out great service and great price!!

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                                    • Batseba Neo Ntuli
                                    • MkX
                                    • 16 Jan 2010

                                    What a phone... The best phone iv ever had this phone for 6 years till i lost it in a shopping mall, my heart still bleeds for this phone, pitty they don't make this phone anymore i would buy it_ :-)

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                                      • Im me
                                      • ATZ
                                      • 08 Jan 2010

                                      The best phone eveeeeeeeeeeeeer! Ive had it since 2006 and still use it. It only started givin me problems 3 months back with 2 buttons not workin but got it fixed now its top notch again.

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                                        • saddam
                                        • LBH
                                        • 15 Aug 2009

                                        this is a really good phone.. i've had mine fer like 2 1/2 yrs and now gettn problems wid da flex strip.. imma change da strip n still get a new fone