Samsung demoes transparent micro LED display

Yordan, 09 January 2024

Samsung is having one announcement after another at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. One of the products that were introduced at the expo was a transparent micro LED display that “blurs the boundaries between content and reality”.

The panel has a see-through display that allows you to view content and see what is going on behind the screen as well, and there is even a short video to give you a better idea.

The product is a result of six years of research and development, said Samsung.

The company is currently selling a 110-inch non-transparent microLED TV for $150,000, so even if it is viable it will take some time for the new technology to hit the market at a (somewhat) reasonable price.



Reader comments

They better make micro-oled displays

nope, oled is still expensive until today. if microled is much more affordable than oled, that'll replace LCDs.

You dont get it do you??? Poor people are happy for every little they have. Rich people who can afford litterary everything and even most expensive things are for them like for me spending 10 cents or 2 euros on anything from alliexpres or wish ...

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