Samsung says it's still leading India market

Peter, 25 January 2018

Samsung is disputing the Canalys’ conclusion that Xiaomi has overtaken the Korean company in India. Based on data by GfK (a German research firm), Samsung says it has 45% of the value market share and 40% of the volume share.

Canalys analyzed shipment numbers, while GfK tracked sales instead. By that measurement, Samsung is still ahead. Samsung claims it doesn’t need to do large shipments because its supply chain is lean and efficient.

Samsung disputes claims it was overtaken by Xiaomi in India

A Samsung spokesperson added that the company was India’s Most Trusted Brand in 2017, making a quick recovery after the Galaxy Note7 incident pushed it down the ranks.



Reader comments

Even Huaweis dont last long. How can Xiaomi be compared to Samsung? Okay they are expensive but dependable.

Samsung dominated offline market and Xiaomi dominated online market. But Samsung has release statement they will try to break Xiaomi domination on online market.

  • FaceGle
  • 27 Jan 2018
  • Q5i

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