Samsung DoubleTime I857

Samsung DoubleTime I857

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  • marie

i cant use other musics as my ringtone....aside that its been a useful phone. av used it for about three years

  • Anonymous

i can't switch on my portable wifi hotpot

  • Fonz

I Have problem with setting my ringing tune with a music from another source.

  • AnonD-366921

i have this phone sgh-i857 now it doesnot startup at all...i stops at Rethink Possible....unable to flash stock firmware(md5 file) through odin can anyone help

  • AnonD-215422

i am having the same problem with the memory,so i need help to sort it so when i download an app it will go to the sd card instead of the internal,or is this not possible?otherwise a generally good phone but would prefer latest.

  • ricapills

Anonymous, 28 May 2013I can't figure it out!long press the back key and hold then press the home key once

  • Anonymous

aqib, 14 Jul 2013how i can purchase it in PAKISTAN>>//???

  • panchovilla78753

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013Where can you buy the phone the best cell i like my phone work perfect not problems i have so many app and work faster

  • aqib

how i can purchase it in PAKISTAN>>//???

  • AnonD-160517

Savanna, 16 Jun 2013I HATE THIS PHONE SO MUCH! It is probably the worst phone I... moreSo, I'm wondering why haven't you rooted the phone? Get you a 32-gig memory card, partition it to 4 gigs. Then you have 4-and-a-half gigs of internal memory, and 28 gigs external. No problem with memory there. You could probably get a kernel to overclock it to 6 or 700mhz. With rooting and custom roms and kernels, any phone has the potential to be a bad-***:) If anyone would like any help with that, just let me know. Good luck y'all.

---Motorola MB860-Unlocked-Rooted-Modded-CM7.2-Clemsy's 1.46ghz---

  • Savanna

I HATE THIS PHONE SO MUCH! It is probably the worst phone I have ever had. I got it a year and a half ago, and I've been unhappy with it since. There is such low memory in it, (2GB) that whenever I download 1 app, (which is pretty much all it can hold) it tells me that the memory is full. When this happens it also doesn't allow me to receive any text messages. This even happens to me when I don't have any apps on the phone, so I have to delete some of the included applications that came with the phone itself. The Internet connection is extremely slow and is VERY choppy. I takes mediocre pictures, but the zoom isn't good at all. The call quality I thought was okay, but it's very sensitively and likes to hang up while your talking because of your cheek, but when you take away from your face and try to hang up, I have to tap the hang up button at least 3 times for it to work. Now that its almost time for an early upgrade, we called AT&T and they told us that when we trade it in, it will be worth 23 dollars. That is definitely what it is worth, nothing more than that. I'm trading it in for a Galaxy s4, which I'm sure is going to be much much better.

  • HFN

ricapills, 12 Jun 2013Mine has wifi too.. nice phoneWhich model you are using, in which you have WiFi?

  • ricapills

Mine has wifi too.. nice phone

  • big show

Its really a very good phone no doubt about it, but i concern is WLan is not there. it should be than it would have amazing phone.

  • Anonymous

Khurram, 13 Apr 2013For screen shot press and hold power key and press minimize... moreI can't figure it out!

  • AnonD-149625

If this mobile have wifi connectivity thay are on no1 brand

  • masarinho

I real like this phone, generally

  • kapil saxena

i m vry happy to by that phn becouse samsung best in the world..

  • Khurram

AnonD-123016, 12 Mar 2013Can you screenshot on this phone? Obvi u can cause I do it ... moreFor screen shot press and hold power key and press minimize/toggle key.

  • shashlykh

are both screens is multi-touch? or only inside screen is multi-touch?