Samsung E1080T

Samsung E1080T

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  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how long the battery lasts? I'm going to a festival for 4 days and i have no way to charge it, will it last???

  • JAN

e1080t hangeing probalam

  • Rondolf

How to unblock a contact with this phone? I mistakenly blocked one of my contacts and I already tried "Reset" but I still cannot send/receive message from that contact. TIA

  • TerryC

Thanks for the tip on setting the speed dial for E1080. Worked like a charm. TC

  • grace

can i change my kayboard phone anywhere in cellshop or,,its only in samsung service center..available..

  • Gary

Bought one of these in Italy. Am not going to Israel. Will this phone work? Do I need to unlock it?

  • jivs

I doubt this model has GPRS as mentioned there. It doesn't add up having GPRS but no browser. One of the two spec is mentioned wrongly here.

  • blindfolded

got this as a temp replacement for a nexus 5 suddenly gone dead. i think it did not make it to heaven and this is where it ended up.

  • derek

ujw, 01 Dec 2013Hey did ur problem resolved, I facing the kind of issue not... moregood day.. i have a new GT-E1080,,cannot get networks

  • user

I got a problem here, the problem is the signal is low. Sometimes, my friend call me and he say that my number is not active. But its not true.
thats diffrent when i change my phone.

  • ninodamagan

1.what is the service center to put on settings?because when i erase it,icant already send a message.] to reset the pasword to security settings?

  • ujw

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2013hi! is it dualband, triband or quadband? my sister migrated... moreHey did ur problem resolved, I facing the kind of issue not showing network, after adding new activated sim card.

  • Anonymous

hi! is it dualband, triband or quadband? my sister migrated to United States from Singapore. she bought this phone for her 7year old son.. so she can call and check on him anytime. but the problem is there is no signal..

  • Anonymous

please help how to solve my problem because my cp is wet

  • CHUM

good ! perfect !

  • James Park

i had it for 1 years , and it work perfect.

  • anonymous

can i use this in canada?

  • hawaiiboywonder

I have purchased a SIM card from SIMcardglobal and am having trouble getting the phone unlocked. When the phone was purchased in New Zealand, I was told it was 'unlocked'.
With the new SIM card installed a screen shows 'SIM lock' When I enter the codes that came with the SIM card " wrong password' window appears. Can you help me?

  • Jonty

KC, 31 Jan 2013Can someone please help me.. I have a problem on this phone... moreWhile using divert option in any phone always keep a min balance >Rs.0 otherwise,it wont work.Its tried & tested.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-68151, 22 Sep 2012I had this phone since Sep 2011, When The battery is low,... moreCharger stop working. I use my champ to charge its battery