Samsung E1080T

Samsung E1080T

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  • Anonymous

for those who baught the phone, for how many days actually the battery works?
and please someone tell me if this phone will be available in Romania or not

  • Khalid

There is no radio in this set...please correct your specification.

  • Sunburn

3 things that are gonna amaze you: battery life, call quality and security (password for protecting message box, phonebook, cal log...). You might like the look too, I do. Look and feel great in hand.

Be aware that this phone doesn't have calendar (it actually has a calandar but it's just for date, not for plannings and schedules)

  • phone EXPERT

i just bought this phone after i read the positive feedback it had on this site, I am amazed of what the features it DOESNT have.. awesome phone.. highly reccomended

  • Anonymous

i just bought this phone, because of the feedback i read on this site, I cant believe how good the features it DOESNT HAVE... WOW, top phone!

  • ShaZ

damn its the best fone in such an affordable price, i was reali lookin for the features this fone has, its simple, smart n fast aswell, if u people lookin for a simple fone with good features go for this, i bought it jus today n its kool

  • Mark Jalowa

This phone has everything I need and does it WELL!
Easy to use,better buttons than in Nokias,logical software that reminds me about the good times of old Motorola and Siemens phones.Cost only 30 here in Finland.It is nothing for a good basic phone.I do not need camera/radio/MP3 in my phone,so this is IT.Thank U Samsung,U will be No:1 in phones on this road!!!

  • jenu from sony

I had your mom, 18 Sep 2009This phone is better than the htc hero, any day of the weekr u mad why r u compare hero

  • Anonymous

A lot of young students and working people in my country are using this type of phone. They're cheap, durable, have good battery life and probably, the look too. I got myself a few of this type, even I do own a smartphone. Expensive phones usually are untrustable as a phone.

  • Anonymous

if you trow this on a lake it makes waves.....

  • I had your mom

This phone is better than the htc hero, any day of the week

  • amir hosein


  • Sunburn

Price is $27 in Viet Nam. I think at the moment, Samsung is making better budget phones than Nokia and of course, the rest. Better price and better voice quality during call (warmer sound). Very durable too.

  • Anonymous

the perfect budget phone!