Samsung E1195

Samsung E1195

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  • Anonymous

how to order i need one.

  • nissel

how to order?

  • Malik

does it have blacklist option ?

  • Anonymous

jr, 15 Jul 2014where can i get a plug in phone charger, that works, bought... moreebay

  • AnonD-299402

this is a basic phone . just to call and txt

  • jr

where can i get a plug in phone charger, that works, bought a universal charger says its charging but doesnt

  • Anonymous

boi, 26 Jan 2014I think this phone is quite simple, and this phone designed... morecopy all phone number from the android to sim card, then put the simcard into this phone.. wallah.. your contact already transferred

  • naufalap

-long lasting battery, on high usage it lasted a week, low usage 2 weeks
-nice keyboard even it feels rather flat
-good signal receive
-nice joints, easy to open/close

-a little lag on the system
-there is only 5 wallpaper, 6 with random option
-memo just contains 70 characters, well what do you expect for memo
-no copy paste option for numbers in sms
-easily scratched screen

overall, I love this phone for daily use

  • boi

I think this phone is quite simple, and this phone designed for people who just wants send message and making call because the battery quite long and so light, BUT anyone know how to import CONTACTS from ANDROID to this phone ???
Urgent !

  • F

FraidyCat, 18 Aug 2013today my phone have lasted for 2 weeks without charging. mo... moreActually you can change the ringtone (of course, choosing one of the tunes offered by the phone)

  • AnonD-192852

is it available in the market? and if anyone can tell that i would be happy.....

  • Rt90

V . Good phone and you can hear good songs it the alarm section

  • FraidyCat

today my phone have lasted for 2 weeks without charging. mostly used in standby mode but that is very impressive and i still have 2 bars of battery live left. bad thing is you cannot change the ringtone and the included one does not have the classic 'ring-ring' sound. phone is very light which is good. you could set it up to auto answer when you open the flip and fake call could be handy.

  • haorola

how do i use th mp3 ringtone????

  • myzellconnolly@f

placed in a pass word to open cell phone forgot the original code to unlock requesting assistance on the re opening

  • mejah man

just by last week...battery is superb saving...and for the first time buy this phone im still not charging yet...but got 1st broblem..when select to silent and back to normal..the in coming call not ringging..just vibrate...then I restart and test normal...what wrong accualy....

  • flipuser

use this phone for about a year now.
- small, cool very easy to open
- very light
- easy to type (soft n big keypad)
- battery last a week
- design is simple n pretty cool
- very cheap :)

overall its handy and it delivers functionality of a phone.

  • Anonymous

can not use own ringtone

  • Ariel

I bought it from
It is very expensive from them, but unlocked, true samsung package, no logo operator, worth every cent.
I had s3 and iph 5 and i had enough of this shitty crowded technology, now I bought this, and I wanna say I'm very very pleased of keyboard, Battery, fm,
Too small screen, but it's good anyway, at least it has a decent color/ brightness quality.
I would definitely recommend this, but if you do not want with radio, buy e1190, but I bought it because of battery, calls, messaging and most important difference from e1190- RADIO. For me, its a titan grey COCONUT! :X

  • AnonD-62294

It is easy to use, signal is better