Samsung E1310

Samsung E1310

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  • ldude624

LOL, 30 Sep 2009please tell me if MMS available for this phone?? i want to know ... morei really like this phone. please deliver it?

  • Anonymous

Can this model take 3G

  • HasanZobaer

sai, 17 Oct 2013how to copy the contacts in the phone to the sim Go to menu then phonebook then Management then0 select0 copy all. After that you will be given an option copy all to phone/sim .

  • Onyekachibbc

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2013My phone is telling me unsported contat if i want to download 2goYes

  • Anonymous

My phone is telling me unsported contat if i want to download 2go

  • sai

how to copy the contacts in the phone to the sim

  • Tommi

Hi there,

How can I get the information out of the SIM card?

I accidentally deleted the phone numbers from my phone but those are still also in the SIM card memory, just don't know how to access the information that's there?

Any help would be appreciated.

  • don

Need a belt for Samsung E1310 where can I get it here Zimbabwe

  • Anonymous

!!PLEASE HELP!! I locked the messages a while ago, and I got a new phone, now I need this phone again but I have no idea what the password is!!!!! Please help, is there anyway I can deactivate the password, like with email, or a security question?!?!?!?!?! I really need this phone !!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


i was purchased this cell phone from my friend, but kindly said me why card slot is not available, no wi-fi but bluetooth is availabe, now say what is the purpose of bluetooth...

  • Anonymous

will my samsung E1310B work in america i know i need tri band but dont know if this phone is or not.
thanks in advance

  • walkerby

I have a black E1310B with bluetooth and *GPRS*.
Mostly satisfied. Was certainly worth the price.
Anybody know which other submodels with different specs are/were out there?

  • Anonymous

how to make fake call in e1310s

  • Allenbos

Amisha, 25 Mar 2010Hi Vishnu could u plz tell me whether E1310 has wireless FM or n... moreI have tried to download 2go on my e1310b but it doesnt work...y is that?

  • Anonymous

as i can see, this phonehave a browser.

  • Anonymous

Why does my phone not allow me to send texts.keeps saying error

  • hitesh

where i can purchase it? so tell me and this is my fvrt mobile

  • Malc.

Is it possible to change the size of the letters when txtn? My eye sight isn't so flash and i find it hard to read the letters.and please no suggestions to go get glasses. I have the B model. B

  • hit

Reshmi Basu, 09 Jul 2009I am Reshmi from calcutta, recently I buy samsung guru 1310S, it... morei wnt to buy it but it is not available in market so what i can do for this?
i want white colour.......

  • Anonymous

It does not have FM Radio