Samsung E2152

Samsung E2152

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  • Digant

yogesh, 29 Sep 2010dull phone.micromax best same this price.How full u r Yogesh!! compare SAmsung with a third class company Micromax??those micromax phones r made from the boards of used & rejected china mobiles!! Samsung is far far better than Micromax....In all respects...

  • Hems

yogesh, 29 Sep 2010dull phone.micromax best same this price.hey,
plz check call waiting(dual when u r talking one sim)in micromax...and let me know...ok

  • willie

And no. the memory card is hot plug and is not under the battery

  • willie

The phone is good by all means: what do i mean:
excellent dual sim dual standby. fast default sim switch, fake call,FM doesn't need head phones, excellent network reception. and first of the first with samsung, you can set default memory to be Micro SD Card(Memory card), no issue like memory battery takes 5-6days before charging on regular use with radio listening.
one problem: this phone is not EDGE despite what this site says or samsung website! but it connect to community sites and has emails.

  • Crazy

ASI, 27 Sep 2010how we can change active sim without reboot cell?????Hi,
We can change into active sim without restarting the phone. it's very simple. just dial any number & press the active sim change button on right side of the phone . ultimately it will change it to the active sim which ever you want to make a call.
you can see the change in signal (display), easily you can switch to any sim whenever you want just by pressing the button on top right side of the phone during a call or messaging. so no need to restart the phone randomly.
Enjoy with the simple trick.

  • yogesh

dull phone.micromax best same this price.

  • gowtham

i m going to buy tis mobile i wanna know t detail tat tis mobile s having t feature of dual standby and cal waiting option on 2nd sim.....

  • Rotanguli

Do you have to remove the battery to access the memory card? Is the card slot under the battery? Pls reply ASAP

  • five46

Any workaround to make the music playback in background??

  • Raja

Good music quality and Battery backup also good. Video quality is not that much good.

  • derin mark

Nag, 28 Sep 2010How can we remove all the stuff on the main screen such as short... morego to settings & select "display" ,then select "smart home" & then select clock and set it.

  • Pixy

Samsung E2152 is an excellent mobile phone in its class. Two days ago I bought this phone and get instantly fall in love with it. Price is Rs.2900(Indian Rupee)at Kolkata. Dual SIM concept is very much needed in our daily life. Master SIM will be for professional use and Slave SIM will be for personal use. My Rating : 8/10 !

  • Anonymous

such a good Dual Sim phone in its price. Long battery life 1000mhz. Samsung is successful in Dual Sim Handsets.

  • Nag

How can we remove all the stuff on the main screen such as short cuts in this model ?

  • ivanov

how many games onboard??
can this phone record a call conversation??

  • Asi

How we can change active sim without rebooting cell?????

  • ASI

how we can change active sim without reboot cell?????

  • Hafeezullah Rajpar

sudipt123, 26 Sep 2010Bought it @3K in Mumbai. Overall better Network performance a... moreI bought the same version of nokia mobile from Karachi Pakistan its performance is satisfactory. But as we are tradditional users of nokia brand so i am looking for a dual sim mobile of nokia brand.

  • Anonymous

tnx frnz! "anonymous" really appreciate ur valuable answers! fellas plz suggest me sm othr cel phn thn bt in a budget of 3-3.5k. also dis phn dat m gng to buy wd b a secondry phn. so i cn w8 4 a mnth or so if thrz ny release in d pipeline. bt frnz two major cnstraints r budget avlbl wid me i.e. 3000 n also d prime requirement! "an actual dual standy cel phone"

w8n 4 ur response!
anonymous! :)

  • ghed

good dual phone, how do you activate the torch light??i tried going to the application ang torch light..and the flash light on top of the phone did not light...