Samsung E330

Samsung E330

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  • Sonja

To Ady:Yes,I think it's a "feminine" phone,meaning I don't think it will suit ,by how it looks,a guy.It's my opinion.

  • gaby

im getting this fone later on today i think it is really nice looking and stylish so go 4 this fone i think ulle like it!

  • Schukiki

by the way..... does this phone has 15 multishot for its camera?

  • Schukiki

Hey ......I'm considering for this phone since its cheap and good..........hmm..........which model wud be better ? E700A or this one?.........can someone evaluate something for me? thanks....

  • Zanie Agherdien

I bought my phone on 1st May....I connected to the internet,but then changed to my old sim card because it's userfriendly and I didn't want to change my number as I use it for work I cannot go on the internet to do my banking as this is done with the number not the phone...the consultant did it for me and I have no idea how to do this..Please help me get connected to the internet on my phone please.
thanks kindly!!!lovely phone...having fun with it!

  • tristan

I think its a very great phone. I specially like the camera he is very good in quality!!!Also the melodie are very clear!!! Its a fantastic phone!!!

  • Anne

I have purchased the USB connector but it will not work with my Apple Mac computer. Any ideas?

  • Snacks

Hi! First of all this phone is just GRRREAT! If any one can give me an advice how can I transfer java games to it i would be thankful.. i have tried almoust everything.. so if you know a way so let me know.. P.S. i'm a guy and i don't think this phone is feminin....

  • Roby

This is the second Samsung I have, and I was hoping to get two batteries, with this one, like I got with the previous one.

I like it very much,although, the melodies, should be more tech sounds, than boring tunes.
The keys are much easyer topress, and very well lighted in !
Camera is poor quality, but who cares. There should be more functions in the organizer, scheduler, allarm, with more choice of melodies.
Also a USB to transfere the phone book to the PC, or upload photos.
But a complementary battery, is definetly a plus.
Ho yes, and I almost forgot; the new feature to enable to record a conversation, when talking to someone else.

All in all, GREAT PHONE, I reccommend it; it's small, but much more comfortable than the previous version.
But Samsung........please, those games.......what a waste of battery, and you could replace them with other features.
After all, Samsung, is a professional and serious piece of equipment.
( As I said, PC connection for upload and download of stuff, and complementary battery.

You want cheap,tough,functional ??

  • KW

Really nice, neat, well made phone which does pretty much all you could expect at the price. The only gripe I have is that although you can take pics with the phone, the data cable and software to download them to your PC are available as extras which I think is a bit mean.

  • Luc

hmm...I Love This Phone ! :)

  • carolina

The functions suck. There's nothing but camera, calculator, 2 games and clock... Battery sucks too.
But, it's a very working phone.

  • vivek

i purchased the set
it has few demerits
no infrred
no blue tooth
and last and biggest problem low battery backup
i think i wasted money upon it so i want to sell it immediately really very boring phone and i suggest new custmers not to purchase it
it has also hanging problem

  • andy

i wud like some one to help in findin the drivers for my samsung e330 i have the drivers to my 300 and they don't work for this new one? please help any one who has a copy of drivers for it thanks .

  • stuzfair

i just bought the phone and it's great. the cam's motion's not tt slow. just right for me. has zoom, which is wonderful. m from singapore. phone costs 358$ (new) and 250$ (2nd hand). :)

  • Daniel

I have just got the phone. it looks very attractive and stylish. great sounds, great camara, great phone

  • bazuka

does any1 know how to turn off T9 dic.?? and how to turn off battery low sound???


  • Adam

great little phone. great looking as well as being fairly easy to use. Top stuff. but, dus ne1 know if u can get wires to transfer photos onto the computer??? i recomend this phone!!!

  • Donna

i think the phones great!!I have one problem with it though and thats that i can't receive photo messages!I only get a password to put into the internet to view it!!Can anybody let me knw if they nw a way that they can be viewed on your fone instead of the internet. reply a.s.a.p. thx

  • Ady

Do you guys think that this is a girl's phone..?? Who has this fone and Not a woman ? I'm interested to buy this fone but I'm afraid that it's too feminin.