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Samsung E330

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  • nicola

can anyone help.. i dont know if i'm using it wrong but when i take photos in a dim lit pub or club, they dont come out at all, not even with the flash on?! and i cant see any difference with the flash on or off?! my friend has the samsung e800 and i was unsure which to choose out of these 2 but i chose the e330... beginning to regret it now, the e800 has a brill flash!

  • billy

well i dont have the samsung e330 but it looks dead good and im going to buy it

  • unknown

hey can E330 be connected to a pc cable?

  • Tilly

I just got this phone and I love it, the camera is good and takes pictures quickly unlike my previous Sony Ericsson cell. The zoom is good and I like the layout and style of the menu and phone, I'm really pleased I got it and not the ugly E600. Also no annoying arial sticking out of the top! Oh and the phone vibrates then rings and vibrates to whoever said it didn't.

  • Ruskin

Hmmm... i wonder if that can be claimed as a fault..

  • to ruskin

no i dont have the same problem sounds like ur mobile is on the way out i think you should sedn it back or get somone to look at it

  • Ruskin

Hey does anyone else's E330 'creak' as you open and close it? It has been driving me mad! Not just a single 'click' like on most flip-phones, but a general 'creaking'... also the top wobbles a little bit... makes me wonder about the workmanship..... anyone else had these problems?

  • alinutzzu

You're right gr8t fone .Can anybody tell me how to make mmf tones for Samsung E330.Or where to get them.Thanks!

  • gr8t fone

sorry the e330 has a usb screen but to be fair i cannot tell the difference!

  • hi ppl

can any 1 help i have a difficult choice the samsung E300 or samsung E330???? i hav already had samsung e600 its ok but not as good as people say it is.

  • 1234

e330 has infared data link

  • gr8t fone

by the way the samsung e330 has a TFT screen

  • Andy

Does anyone know how to make the t9 stay on. every time i go to write a message i have to select it again?

  • got the E330

cool mobile, looks great easy to work, good camera great colour screen, small, light weight, always want to show it off. why not forcus on the good points not bad points what everyone seems to do.
come on samsung phones are all cool dont dis! anyone agree?

  • mel

the phone is great looking, come on the camera is good why do people say it isn't, you buy a phone to ring people or receive calls, if you are so bothered about the camera why not buy a digital camera not a PHONE! samsung phones are all great, but i am going to stick with the e330 for the time being. i know it hasnt got inferred,blootooth or video which is important to some, which is a shame, and photos are only bitty if you take them in dark block rooms,i have took many in the house and outside they are fine and good quality, i hope i have answered some questions. i do have one question can you change the cover on the e330? i know for other flips they have but i am not to sure for this phone.
many thanks

  • Anonymous

Can E330 Read and received chinese?????

  • Anonymous

why no IR port :(( that's the big "minus", otherwise, i think it's a great phone

  • disappointed

Worst mobile software ever:
I bought the phone a short time ago without looking into its specs in detail, and i really regret it now. I have no control on it. Not even mentioning about no IR or bluetooth which is totally ridiculuos, other disadvantages are:
1-You can't disable T9 for SMS
2-Very limited ringtones (because SMS has its own ringtones, and calls have their own)
3-You can't turn off the sounds which beeps while you are browsing in the menus
5-Camera sound can't be turned off
6-punctuation is difficult during typing
7-The worst: It either rings or vibrates, but not at the same time.
8-Some more
My old phone which is sold for 25 euros now, can do more except color screen.

  • Robert

Forgot to say - I bought a data cable and software but the phone doesn't work this way - just switches off if you connect a data cable.

  • Robert

Nice phone. Good points - good battery life, styling, memory size, display quality. Bad points - no IR, Bluetooth or any way to connect to a PC for up/downloading. Too easy to accidentally use the camera function and can't disable the feature.