Samsung E350

Samsung E350

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  • Anthony Morgan

how do you download mp3 songs to your phone from your pc ?

  • clau

it is the best fhone i ever have!!!it's small and't perfect

  • laura

i no how to put songs on to my mp3 player i dont no how to get them on to my phone then on to my mp3 player. i ahve a data cable and an infra red cable and both of the are useless

  • Anonymous

Ok, I got this phone for christmas in the limited edition pink version. At first I was after a pink vk530 but it had bad reviews. This phone is pure brill. great Video, fully working infrared, clear camera with fun ffects and 30 frames, mp3, up to one hour of voice recording, fully working infrared and a quality, chunky slide. Dosen't get to hot when you use it (Unlike Nokias, cook your dinner on them things) and it has everything you need for the perfect phone. TOP MARKS!


how do you put songs on the phone because when i put songs ojn they go all crockely

  • Snods

As from 28/02/06 Phones 4 U have started selling the pink E350 for 124.95 on T-Mobile. Must be the stock left over from Argos .. lol.

  • Anonymous

Still waitingfor some one to tell me if Its possible to turn the voice mail off on this phone ??? Please Help Love Jane x

  • kylee

i knw ow 2 put songs on my mp3 player go on music/sounds den options add playlist den go 2 applications mp3 player n u shud av ur songs on

  • kylee

iya ppl do we get a usb port wid the fone coz i dnt think i gt 1 email me

  • kylee

does anybody knw ow 2 put a privacy code on? plz help coz im lost email me if you do plz plz plz plz plz plz help help help thanx xx

  • laura

hi i av ad the E350 since oct 2004 if ne body is ne the wiser on how to get songs on 2 mp3 player plz plz plz plz plz plz plz email me ta x

  • cheryl

how do a use da mp3 player on it????
dont understand any1 who nos plz email me

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Anyone know how to turn the voice mail off this Phone. Its so annoying.. someone please amswer before i bust a gut .love jane

  • Anonymous

Nice average phone for the price .. but can anyone tell me can I switch the voice mail off its costing my friends money and by the time I get to answer my mobi the voice mails cuts in and it costs ?
(some one please help) NIPS

  • Chisha

Are the pictures taken the actual size?

  • ^.^

this phone's USB cable is same with E730,may be easier to find?^^

  • neil

hi i am wondering wether to buy one please ad me at and tell me if it is worth buying plz it would be a great help

  • Anonymous

I can't find the USB port on this phone? can anyone tell me where it is? Tks a lot!

  • Anonymous

i use InrD to download any thing to my e350 so easy work so good no problem at all

just put the speed for copying to 5700