Samsung E350

Samsung E350

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  • Cheryl

i aint got the fone either but i myt b gedin it 4 crimbo it looks lyk a gd fone wi the features aswell!

  • amy

i aint got the phone yet im thinking of getting it 4 crimbo it looks like a cool phone tho

  • bobby

hade it 2 weeks not verry good hade it bk to the shop allredy

  • Amy

This phone is really brilliant ive had it for a few months now and its caused me no trouble what so ever. The last phone i had was a complete nightmare all it done was play up , having this one is such a joy, i would definetely encourage others to buy it !

  • leanda

I really like this fone, it is good looking and a nice size to hold in your hand. I have asked for one for christmas which i hope to get on o2. I do like it in black rather then pink or silver.
it has good qualities and a phone worth buying.
I will post again to tell you how i am doing with it.

  • Sammy

Hi, i got this fone about 6 months ago and i still feel it is living up to great expectations. it has been a good fone for the last 5 months and i have had no trouble with it. its been dropped flung and thrown and its still in one piece!! Great camera and video player!!! It was worth the 150.00 i payed!

  • cat

o yea and if u do email me remember to change the ".at." to @

  • cat

if you want to know what samsung e350 is like in pink then email me and i'll send u a pic of it :)

  • robbie

To add mp3's pictures videos etc..
You need to buy a bluetooth cable aka usb cable search these names on google and you can buy them for cheap prices.

  • kelly

thnx 4 the link cat but can any1 tell me wot the phones video and cam is like from experience?

  • Cecilia

Does anyone have this phone in pink? IS it acutually a pink colour or is it like the E550.. which loooks more like brown??

  • rachel

how do u get mp3 music onto this phone???????? please someone help

  • cat

whoops!!!!!!!!!! rong link clik on this link -­-en.shtml

it will tell u everything and wot the camera is like so...clik on it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathan

im finkin bout avin dis fone 4 lacks alot of suff dont it.i might get da motorola rokr e1 wiv da itunes instead.but if any1 can change my mind plz try and do

  • its a mystery

i got dis fone on wednesday last week and i love it i cant wait 2 show it of 2 my frends later and my cousins on xmas i recomend dis fone to any1

  • kelly

Is the samsung e350 a good phone overall? Duz it av gud video and cam?

  • swelwin

the handphone is cool , even though in computer is not good but when u ues it u will fell cool

  • Mark

Hi can sum1 plz help me ? I am thinking about gettin the Samsung E350 and i need to Knoe if u can use mp3s as ringtones? Plz email Me !

  • sille

hei, can someone help me? where i can download music in my phone? i mean mp3 music.

  • debs

hi, i have the samsung e350, but can any1 tell me how to download pics to it, coz av tried, but when its doone it says wrong content????? plz help.